NFL- The Most Common Formations

National Football League, commonly known as NFL, is a professional American Football League comprising 32 teams separated equally between the…

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The Best Football Players of the 80s

American football is a passion for many in this country, with fans making sure to watch every game and follow…

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Top 5 NFL Moments of the 21st Century

Over the past 100 years or so, the National Football League has given us everything that a sports fan needs.…

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Where to Buy Big & Tall NFL Jerseys

Wearing your favorite team’s jersey or any apparel for that matter, is something that any fanatic would not want to…

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5 Awesome Facts About NFL Betting

In the USA, many people love to talk about sports especially football. In 1958, Super bowl overtook basketball to be…

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Obscure NFL Rules We Had No Idea Existed

You think that the job of an NFL referee is a piece of cake compared to the players’ rougher and…

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Interesting Facts About the NFL

Here are some interesting facts about the NFL that you didn’t probably know:

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