Guide to Disco

Green silhouette of a man and a woman on the disco ball

If there’s one outstanding trend that came out from the 1970s, it’s definitely disco. The term “disco” goes beyond the style of music that dominated all the dance floors during the decade. As the genre exploded to mainstream popularity, it launched an extravagant fashion trend and a momentary escapist fare from either … Read more

Trying To Impress Friends Coolest Nightclubs In Greece

Trying To Impress Friends Coolest Nightclubs In Greece

The climate’s cooking up on the Greek Islands. Excitingly, this means warmer nights, the perfect atmosphere for you and your nocturnal friends to go out and play! With the weather on your side (check), it’s decision-making time. For the where to go’s and why’s, a mini guide of four areas, and four … Read more

LGBT-Friendly Bars and Nightclubs in Malta

LGBT Friendly Bars and Nightclubs in Malta

If you are looking for a place to enjoy your holiday in Europe, there is no better place to go than Malta. Over the years, Malta has managed to become one of the most popular holiday destinations. The island enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year, it has nice craggy … Read more