One-Hit Wonder Billy Bland

Billy Bland

Introduction to Billy Bland American R&B artist Billy Bland (born on April 5, 1932, Wilmington, North Carolina) achieved fame with “Let the Little Girl Dance” in  during the 60s music era. He started singing professionally at 15 years old. Bland was once a member of the Four Bees before pursuing a solo … Read more

Gino and Gina

Gino and Gina

Introduction to Gino and Gina One-hit wonders Gino and Gina were a pop music duo who achieved their only hit single “(It’s Been a Long Time) Pretty Baby” during the late 50s music era, reaching both the Top 20 pop and R&B charts that year. The single was written by Gino Giosasi … Read more

The Life and Music of Tony Bellus

Tony Bellus

Introduction to Tony Bellus Tony Bellus (born Anthony Bellusci in Chicago, Illinois, 1936) is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (he plays guitar, accordion, and piano). He is known for his only major hit single “Robbin’ The Cradle” in 1959, released on NRC (National Recording Corporation) label. However, the label’s financial troubles hampered … Read more

One-Hit Wonders: Cymarron


Introduction: Cymarron is a now-defunct American soft rock band from the 70s music era. They achieved momentary fame through their hit single “Rings,” which reached the Top 20 Billboard pop chart. Despite releasing a full-length LP and several other singles, Cymarron wasn’t able to enjoy their success for long, ending up as … Read more

One-Hit Wonders: Crabby Appleton

Crabby Appleton

Introduction: Crabby Appleton is a now-defunct American pop-rock band from Los Angeles, California. Singer-songwriter Michael Fennelly (formerly of Millennium) founded the band during the late 1960s, and also became its frontman. In the early 70s music scene the band achieved a Top 40 hit with “Go Back.” They didn’t have any hits … Read more

Introduction to City Boy

City Boy

Introduction: City Boy was a classic rock band originating from Birmingham, England. The band was known for their only US hit single “” during the late 70s music era, and it was considered a feat considering punk rock and new wave gradually rising in the scene. Despite the sizable success, the band … Read more