Introduction to the Delfonics

the Delfonics

A summary on the Philly soul pioneers The Delfonics were an R&B/soul vocal group, known for pioneering the Philly soul in the 1960s-1970s. Formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the group initially consisted of high-schoolers William Hart, Wilbert Hart, Randy Cain and Ritchie Daniels. Their earliest records were released on local labels in Philadelphia … Read more

Biography of Barbara Mason

Barbara Mason

Introduction Known for her self-penned Top 10 hit song “Yes, I’m Ready” in 1965, sweet-voiced Barbara Mason exemplified the “Philly soul” during the 60s. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-born Mason mostly wrote her own material which comprised of songs (by the 1970s) that tackled subjects like romance and infidelity with frankness never heard before. … Read more