What is the Importance of Physiotherapy After Orthopedic Surgery?


Traumatic injuries could be serious and they are generally accompanied by bone fractures. In the case of high-impact trauma, fractures that occur are generally displaced where the broken bone fragments leave their true anatomical position. In such cases, surgery using Ortho Implants is performed to immobilize the fractured bone fragments and ensure … Read more

Physiotherapy for neck pain and why you need it

Physiotherapy for neck pain and why you need it

Chronic neck pain can take severe turns if not diagnosed in the right time. Therefore, physiotherapy for neck pain involves treatment to lessen the pain by beginning a suitable exercise regime. It includes neck stretching; however, duration of treatment varies according to its intensity and age of the patient. Let us take … Read more

How Does Physiotherapy Help After a Car Accident?

woman cast crutches

About half of car accidents are rear-end collisions. This type of accident causes whiplash, a condition relieved through the help of physiotherapy. Physical therapy also helps people recover from other types of car accident injuries. By working with a physiotherapist, you can achieve strides in your recovery following an automobile accident. Below … Read more