Stand By for Crime: The Show With Many Firsts

The main characters of Stand By for Crime

Stand By for Crime was a television show that might seem fairly stereotypical now. However, back in the day when it was first aired, this show actually made a lot of firsts. That’s right: this black-and-white television series was known for many things, including being the first-ever TV show to be transmitted … Read more

How Private Securities Can Keep You Out of Trouble

How Private Securities Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Have you ever thought of adding more security for your home or business to prevent any crime from happening? This is something every home, business, and establishment owners have to deal with. There is always the threat of loose security and looming danger and you can’t afford to lose money, time, and … Read more

All You Need To Know About Police Scanners And Their Uses

A scanner is basically a radio receiver that scans numerous channels quickly to permit you to listen to two-way radio transmissions. Two-way radios, used by fire, police, and others, use short communications that happen over thousands of radio channels. There are various types of scanners, and it can be confusing to decide … Read more