Top Political Events of the 80s

The 1980s were a decadent, catastrophic, and groundbreaking decade, not just in the United States, but in many parts of…

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Biggest Political Scandals of the 80s

It seems the political arena is filled with scandals in every decade. Some people might look back on the 80s…

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Celebrities with Famous Ancestors

Have you ever wondered if you are a descendant of somebody noble and famous? Celebrities probably thought of that at…

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Interesting Facts About the Presidency

Here are some of the interesting and fun facts (a few are weird ones) about the US presidency. ? 

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Most Inspiring Leaders of All Time

Leaders, whether they are good or bad, share a lot of common traits such as high ambitions, determination, confidence and…

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Most Horrific Dictators of All Time

Dictators — most people would not want to remember them based on their atrocities they had committed, however the brutality…

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Top political scandals of all time

The line is almost blurred between scandals and politics. In fact, scandals may be part and parcel of politics. Greed,…

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Interesting Facts About the White House

The White House is a mansion which is obviously full of rich history, made by the people who have contributed…

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