Artist Biography: The Guess Who

The Guess Who

Introduction: Early beginnings and becoming stars in their native Canada The beginnings of The Guess Who hail back as far as 1958.  In Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, singer/guitarist Chad Allan (born Allan Kobel) formed a local band and named it Al and the Silvertones.  In 1962 their name was changed to Chad … Read more

The Story and Music of Blue Cheer

Blue Cheer

Introduction to Blue Cheer Blue Cheer were an American rock band whose charting singles were “Just a Little Bit” and “Summertime Blues” during the late 60s music era. This classic rock group hailed from San Francisco and was formed by bassist Dickie Peterson, who also became its frontman. One of the earliest … Read more

The Illusion and Their Biggest Hit “Did You See Her Eyes”

The Illusion

Introduction to The Illusion The Illusion were a Long Island, New York band known for their only major hit single in 1969, “Did You See Her Eyes.” This hard rock group also issued three LP’s which were all produced by Jeff Barry – the first of which was the band’s eponymous debut … Read more

The Life and Music of Marty Balin

Marty Balin

  Introduction to Marty Balin Marty Balin (born Martyn Jerel Buchwald in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1942) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. As he entered the music business in the early 1960 Buchwald renamed himself as Marty Balin and began his first stint with Challenge Records, releasing little-known singles. In 1965 he … Read more

The Gentrys – “Keep on Dancing”

The Gentrys

Introduction The Gentrys were a 1960s to 1970s American rock and roll/psychedelic rock band, best known for their 1965 hit “Keep On Dancing.” In 1965, the Gentrys hit it big with “Keep On Dancing,” which rose to the Top 10 and became a million seller. However, their following singles, although performing adequately, … Read more

Frijid Pink – “The House of the Rising Sun”

Frijid Pink

Who is Frijid Pink? Frijid Pink is an American psychedelic/blues rock, formed in 1967. Their first two singles on Parrot label went unnoticed, but their third single, a cover of the Animals’ “House Of The Rising Sun” – broke into the Top 10 in 1970. Their self-titled debut was a Top 20 … Read more

Classic Rock Legends: The History of Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane

Introduction Jefferson Airplane is considered one of the cornerstones of psychedelic rock who achieved stunning commercial and critical triumph. They formed in San Francisco in 1965 by vocalist Mart Balin during the time when the San Francisco folk scene was booming. Their productive, vital years spanned from 1965 to 1972 where they … Read more

The History of the Chambers Brothers

Chambers Brothers

Career in a summary The Chambers Brothers are a racially-integrated American band founded during their formative years in the early 1950s up to the mid-1960s. They are now famous for their 1968 single “Time Has Come Today”. The nucleus of the band were comprised of four brothers – Lester Chambers, Joe Chambers, … Read more

The Bubble Puppy – “Hot Smoke and Sassafras”

The Bubble Puppy

Career summary The Bubble Puppy were a psychedelic rock band in the 1960s and 1970s. The original members were Rod Prince, Roy Cox, Todd Potter, and David Fore. Originally called Willowdale Handcar, they changed their name to Bubble Puppy and signed to International Artists, a famed Texas label which released their debut … Read more

Who Is The Grass Roots?

The Grass Roots

Introduction The Grass Roots are an American psychedelic folk rock group hailing from Los Angeles, California. They became prominent between the years 1966 and 1975, and during those years they scored three Top 10 hits: “Let’s Live For Today” (1967), “Midnight Confessions” (1968), and “Sooner Or Later” (1971). Originally it was a … Read more

Biography of Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole

Introduction Natalie Cole was an American African-American singer, songwriter and musician. More than just the daughter of the legendary crooner Nat King Cole, Natalie has established herself as a singer in her own right. As she grew up listening to the usual R&B and soul to pop and psychedelic rock, Cole applied … Read more