How Sanitary Are Your Local Restaurants?

How Sanitary Are Your Local Restaurants

Did you know that there are approximately 5.4 million cases of food poisoning a year, that 20 of these actually end in death and approximately 60% of these are caused by restaurants? As soon as you realize this you’ll appreciate why you need to verify the hygiene at your local restaurant. If … Read more

Top 5 Restaurants in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is filled with a lot of rich history, bringing in tourists from all over the country. Philadelphia is also known for some amazing restaurants that serve more than just the infamous Philly sandwich. Whether you’re local or just visiting, it’s important to know about the top spots to eat. Lacroix Restaurant … Read more

The History of Wendy’s

The History of Wendy’s

The success of Wendy’s Aside from McDonald’s and Burger King, Wendy’s is another American burger fast food chain that is now serving hungry customers globally. Its reputation rests on its squared burger patties, its salad bar and the Frosty soft ice creams with toppings. This multi-million global corporation and success story started … Read more