The Best Robot Movie Characters of All time

Robots are fascinating characters in many popular movies and TV shows. We might like to dress up as these robots…

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Top 50s Sci Fi Movies

From literature to movies, the 1950s was a great era for science fiction. Every year of the decade featured a…

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15 Best Doctor Who Villians

Let’s face it: Doctor Who won’t be Doctor Who without the baddies! Over the years the longest-running sci-fi series on the planet…

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History Of Pac-Man

Pac-Man – a classic video game Who hasn’t seen and played Pac-Man? This classic arcade video game has charmed many…

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History of Sci-Fi Monsters, Heroes and Villains

  The classic characters of science fiction In every story, there should be a hero and a villain, and it’s…

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Science Fiction Books That Have Become TV Series

    A good science fiction book deserves a good television adaptation Fortunately, there are lots of good science fiction…

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Overview of the X-Files

  What is the X-Files? The X-Files story centers on two protagonists, FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.…

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“Doctor Who” Celebrates 50 Years of Time Travel

    The beginning of “Doctor Who” The popular British sci-fi series Doctor Who celebrates its 50 years of exciting, and…

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The Twilight Zone – its impact on American television history

  Introduction to “The Twilight Zone,” a classic series The Twilight Zone, a sci-fi/horror and suspense television series, was one…

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The History of The Six Million Dollar Man

Definition of the hit sci-fi series   The Six Million Dollar Man is a science fiction television series, based on…

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The Original “Doctor Who”

What is Doctor Who? The original Doctor Who series is a British science-fiction television show that aired from 1963 to…

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Introduction to Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek for starters Star Trek is an American television sci-fi series about a spaceship called the USS Enterprise and…

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Top Science Fiction Movies of All Time

Science fiction as a movie genre is pretty recent but that’s what’s been rocking the cinemas for the past fifty…

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Top 10 Science Fiction Authors

  Science fiction may be a pretty recent literary genre compared to other genres but it has already produced many…

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Review of Stargate Universe

A good premise The idea seems so cool – an ancient space ship, some mysterious “intelligent” signal coming from the…

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