Top Features Businesses Need in API Management

Top Features Businesses Need in API Management

API (Applications Programming Interfaces) management involves the process of creating and deploying web APIs, controlling access, implementing their usage policies, guiding and helping the API consumers, collecting and gaining insights into their usage statistics, and generating reports on the API performance Today, APIs have infiltrated almost every other industry and changed how … Read more

Awesome Ways to Improve Your Internet Security

Improve Your Internet Security

Nowadays, imagining a day without internet has become hard, let alone not having a smartphone. Using the internet, we engage with other people, learn things, manage financial life, buy and sell almost everything in different ways. And the internet gives us a lot of flexibility. Booking a cab in the middle of … Read more

Smart Home or Fortress of Security?

For many, the idea of a smart home refers to one that not only second guesses what the homeowner may need but one that is safer when it comes to home security. A Swiss start-up has created the Mitipi device, which manifests as a virtual roommate named Kevin (after 1990’s Home Alone), … Read more