The Greatest Scientists in the 18th Century


The 18th century saw developments in science and technology. Theories, ideas, inventions, and practices progressed and developed during this time. Science came to play the lead role during the 18th century because scientific authority began to overthrow religious and traditional authority in exchange of free speech and thought. Let’s take a look … Read more

4 Best Smart Gadgets to Have in Your Home

4 Best Smart Gadgets to Have in Your Home

As the days are passing, the rise of technology can be viewed clearly at any time. Even the people are highly used to experience in their home every day as they prefer smarter work often. Hopefully, the gadgets which are considered smarter could be helpful to save your time and makes you … Read more

Surprisingly Smart Celebrities

More often than not, celebrities get a bad (and often undeserved and unfounded) rap for having a lot of looks but not much brains. So you will be surprised to find out that some celebrities are super smart and have high IQ’s! The sexy Colombian singer-songwriter, dancer and musician has the brains … Read more