How Did the Spanish Flu Influence the Modern World?

Image showing Seattle police officers wearing white cloth face masks during the Spanish flu pandemic

Ever since Adam set foot on the ground, infectious diseases have traversed the earth, accompanying mankind everywhere it went. From the Antonine Plague to the novel CoronaVirus, numerous deadly outbreaks have occurred throughout the course of history, ravaging humanity and laying waste to countless lives.  However, when flipping through the pages of … Read more

1918-1919 Influenza: A look at Dim History of the Spanish Flu

Spanish flu victims

Pandemics have infected society throughout history, but the influenza of 1918-1919 was the most devastating in known human history. It is known as the Spanish flu or the influenza of 1918, which was the most devastating pandemic in modern history. It spread even to the most isolated human communities and estimated to … Read more