Introduction to A-Ha

Introduction to A Ha

A-Ha, the synthpop group from Oslo, Norway, achieved brief popularity in the 80’s music era with “Take On Me” in 1985. The 3-piece band comprised of Magne Furuholmen, Pål Waaktaar and Morten Harket and founded in 1982. They reached the peak of popularity upon releasing the single “Take On Me,” the carrier … Read more

The Buggles – “Video Killed the Radio Star”

The Buggles

Who are the Buggles? The Buggles are British new wave duo, best known for their hit single “Video Killed The Radio Star” which MTV US featured on its very first broadcast in 1981. The single was also a hit, just barely breaking into the US Top 40 and topping the charts back … Read more

Hot Butter – “Popcorn”

Hot Butter

Introduction to Hot Butter: Hot Butter was an instrumental cover band playing in the pop and easy listening genre in the 1970s. They were led by Stan Free, a keyboardist; the group was rounded out by Dave Mullaney, John Abbott, Bill Jerome, Steve Jerome and Danny Jordan, though it was virtually regarded … Read more