Classic Rock Movies

Introduction to Classic Rock The 1960s: Rock Music Comes of Age The 1970s: Rock vs. Disco The 1980s: John Lennon, Classic Rock Radio Stations and MTV Best Selling Classic Rock Artists and Bands Classic Rock – Influence on Culture Artists and Bands Symbols Dress and Fashion Movies Quotes and Commentary on Classic … Read more

Interesting Facts About The Ed Sullivan Show

Interesting Facts About The Ed Sullivan Show

Let’s have a look back at The Ed Sullivan Show, one of the most highly-watched variety programs during the 50s and 60s. Some of the artists such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley provided breakthrough performances on that show, and immediately gained widespread national exposure after their appearances there. Here are some few facts … Read more

Key Events in Rock and Roll History

Key Events in Rock and Roll History

If you’re seriously into rock and roll, wanting to discover its colorful history most likely comes naturally to you. You even wish there’s a rock and roll subject in your class! Anyway, here are some of the major events that, in our opinion, forever shaped the landscape of rock and roll and … Read more

The Top Artists and Songs of Classic Rock

the top artists and songs of classic rock

  What does “classic rock” really mean? To others, the term may be casually referred to as some rock music that came out particularly from the late 60s, the entire 70s and the early 80s. However, we would like to clarify that “classic rock” is NOT really a musical genre. The line … Read more

Top Selling Music Artists Of All Time

Top Selling Music Artists Of All Time

  Check out these top selling musical acts of all time…. does the list surprise you? The Beatles – 264.5 million Elvis Presley – 208.2 million Michael Jackson – 174.9 million   Madonna – 165.8 million Elton John – 161.6 million Led Zeppelin – 138.6 million Pink Floyd – 116.2 million

Introduction to Bert Kaempfert

Bert Kaempfert

Bert Kaempfert’s career at a glance German bandleader and songwriter Bert Kaempfert was one of the most successful figures in the world of finely orchestrated pop music. Born in Hamburg, he was once a bandsman for the German Navy during the Second World War. He eventually formed his own band, and by … Read more

Introduction to Paul McCartney and Wings

Paul McCartney and Wings

Sir Paul McCartney – A Rock Royalty Of all the solo careers of the Beatles members, Sir Paul McCartney has had the most prolific one. During the 1960s he was the bassist of what would become the most influential and successful rock band of all time, as well the other half of … Read more

Introduction to George Harrison

George Harrison

A summary about “The Quiet Beatle” George Harrison (born February 25, 1943 – died November 29, 2001) was singer-songwriter and musician who first gained worldwide fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles. While mates John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the band’s primary songwriters, Harrison also did his share in composing … Read more