Top Tips How To Choose The Best TV For Your PS5 And Xbox Series X

Top Tips How To Choose The Best TV For Your PS5 And Xbox Series X

Gaming has come a long way to become among the most popular forms of entertainment. Currently, nearly half of the world’s population are gamers, with Asia having slightly over one billion gamers. Amongst these avid gamers, it is common knowledge that the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are the best consoles … Read more

These Are My Children: Soap Opera on TV

A vintage television set

The soap opera genre is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it does have a loyal audience. If anyone is interested in the very early versions of soap operas in television history, they might be interested in knowing about the show ‘These Are My Children’.  This TV soap opera started airing on … Read more

Your Show Time: The Potential of Television

An award statuette

Your Show Time was an anthology drama series that was unfortunately quite short-lived. It didn’t even run for a whole year, beginning in January 1949 and only lasting until July. The show was aired on NBC and had 30-minute episodes, all of which were dramatized stories based on the works of known … Read more

What Kind of TV Should You Buy

What Kind of TV Should You Buy

LED Smart TV Smart TV is one step ahead in everything from ordinary TV. This is something you should consider buying. The TV will work even if you do not have a cable or dish connection to the internet connected TV. With the help of internet you can watch videos, play games, connect … Read more

Fun Facts About The Dean Martin Show

Dean Martin hosted ‘The Dean Martin Show’ the way he wanted it to be. He did not like to read scripts nor attend rehearsals

‘The Dean Martin Show’ was a hit TV variety-comedy series that aired on NBC from 1965- 1974 for a total of 264 episodes. The famous singer and comedian Dean Martin hosted this show, which was known and loved for its uniqueness. Just what made it so unique? This was probably due to … Read more

The History of the Cartoon Top Cat

Top Cat features a gang of cats left with no other option than to scam people to survive in the dangerous alleys of New York City

Top Cat is another William Hanna and Joseph Barbera masterpiece. Set in the dark alleys of New York City, this classic cartoon is all about the adventures of a gang of cats lead by ‘Top Cat.’ Due to poor ratings in the U.S., this cartoon was only aired from September 27, 1961 … Read more

Introduction to Gilligan’s Island

Gilligan’s Island Title Screen

Gilligan’s Island is an American TV sitcom that aired for three seasons in the CBS network from September 1964 to April 1967. The sitcom was produced and created by Sherwood Schwartz, and it had an ensemble cast that featured Tina Louise, Alan Hale Jr., Bob Denver, Natalie Schafer, Jim Backus, and Dawn … Read more

How Does a TV Aerial Work

TV aerial

Before we begin talking about why you may need one, how about we make one thing off the beaten path. An open-air TV radio wire isn’t for everybody. There is a particular circumstance where it won’t do a lot, on the off chance that anything by any means, so ensure you’re one … Read more

Classic TV Commercials

In July 1941, the first television commercial aired. A watch company named Bulova decided to purchase and air the world’s first TV advertisement. The said commercial ran for about ten seconds, and it was broadcasted before a Brooklyn Dodgers game against the Philadelphia Phillies. Reports say that the ad only costs around … Read more

TV Shows That are Long Lost

DuMont TV Logo

It took some time for TV stations and studios to learn how to preserve the television shows that they produced. Before the idea of filming television shows on film, studios and networks broadcasted their shows live or using low-quality kinescopes. This meant that a lot of early shows that were televised live … Read more

The Miz Only Involved In Miz Tv And Nothing Significant

Michael Gregory Mizanin, more commonly known by his ring name The Miz is a professional wrestler who is a part of the WWE and currently competes in its SmackDown Brand. The Miz was born on October 8, 1980, in Parma, Ohio, U.S, The Miz made his debut way back in 2003, Before … Read more

How TV Shows, Pop Culture, & Politics Affect the Online Casino Industry

There is no denying it: media has an outsized impact on our lives. It invariably shapes our thoughts and beliefs, and ostensibly even our entertainment options. Media connects the populace with the policymakers, social and cultural influencers, talking heads, celebrities, business leaders, and our entertainment aficionados. It has been said that there … Read more

The Best Robot Movie Characters of All time

Robot characters made out of cardboard

Robots are fascinating characters in many popular movies and TV shows. We might like to dress up as these robots for Halloween and costume parties. There are also action figures and dolls based on such characters. It could be difficult to say which robot is the best, but here are some of … Read more

Classic Television

Classic Television

In the present time, televisions can be found in billions of homes in different parts of the world. They are now more high-tech and offer different features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity which enables people to stream their favorite online movies and shows on their television sets. However, when you talk to your … Read more

The History of Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids

The History of Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids is an animated television series that was created by Bill Cosby. The show premiered in 1972 under the production company named Filmation and it ran until 1985. The show is based on Bill Cosby’s childhood memory with his childhood friends. Each episode of Fat Albert has … Read more

How much essential TV antenna is in now?

How much essential TV antenna is in now

We have a wide range CB antennas and available in the right market and each has a different installation process is to be adapted. It is a specific guide that is meant to highlight such steps and that are common to all the TV antennas. It will also explain the factors that … Read more

Top Cartoons of the 80s

Top Cartoons of the 80s

The 80s brought about a lot of cartoon fans. For a lot of children back in the day, the 80s was a sacred time in their lives. This was when weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings are filled with amazing and wonderful stories of these animated cartoons which helped shape several young minds. … Read more

FYI: Interesting Facts about “Murphy Brown”

Interesting Facts about "Murphy Brown

Murphy Brown is an American sitcom that aired on CBS and ran from November 14, 1988, to May 18, 1998. It was created by Diane English and produced by Candice Bergen, DeAnne Henline, and Michael Saltzman. It ran for ten brilliant seasons, telling the story of a famous female investigative journalist and … Read more

How To Build DIY TV Lift

Do you like modern minimalistic styles of the interior? Or, perhaps, some functional elements of your interior simply look awkward where they are situated right now and you want to do something with this situation? This article is dedicated to providing a solution just for you. We’ll tell you how to save … Read more

Quick Profiles of A Few Of Our Favorite TV Dads

They say being a dad is hard – it can be frustrating, tiring and annoying especially to the first-time dads. You must be a dedicated man for taking this life-long duty. Here are some classic TV dads that became famous for all kinds of reasons. Andy Taylor from The Andy Griffith Show … Read more

Actors Who Appeared on Seinfeld

Actors Who Appeared on Seinfeld

Many actors and actresses you know well had their turn on one of the most beloved TV shows of all time. Everybody Loves Raymond (including his brother) Long before breaking bad… She knew a 40 year old virgin… Marcia Marcia Marcia… and Blue Steel! They were friends… Frasier… Entourage… Will & Grace … Read more

Top Emmy Award-Winning Actors

Top Emmy Award Winning Actors

The Emmy Awards is an award-giving body which recognizes and honors excellence in the world of television. You may wonder, who are the actors who have won the most Emmys? Well, here’s the list to provide you the answer: Note: some of the awards these actors have won may also fall in … Read more

Top Emmy Award winning Actresses

Top Emmy Award winning Actresses

Here in this list we present you the fine actresses who have won the most Emmy Awards. Although at first we intended to make this list a top 10, we found out that there are four actresses who figure in a four-way tie due to the same number of Emmys that they’ve … Read more

12 Craziest Japanese Game Show Moments [VIDEO]

12 Craziest Japanese Game Show Moments

  Japan has long had the reputation not just for their technological advancements, but also for their unique game shows. They’re downright weird, absurd, and sometimes brutal, but at the same time, of course, they’re always entertaining and very hilarious. The cult of the Japanese game show has spread to the United States … Read more

70s Television Shows

70s Television Shows

  Television wormed its way into homes and families, becoming a focal point by the 1970s. While the primary genre in the 1960s and 1970s seemed to be sitcoms, dramas increased their reach in the 1970s, edging out westerns and anthologies. They became very popular, with six of them showing on the … Read more

Top 60s Television Shows

Top 60s Television Shows

  Ever since television first became something owned by nearly every household, there have been TV shows that became immensely popular and TV shows that flopped completely, and the whole range in between. In some cases, TV shows that flopped initially were re-aired or remade and became popular later. In some cases, … Read more

Top Rated TV Finales of All Time

Top Rated TV Episodes Of All Time

  Most enduring TV classics have memorable finales. So which of your favorites are there in this list? Check them out! Episod Title: Goodbye, Farewell and Amen Series: M*A*S*H Air Date: 28 Feb 1983 Number of viewers (in millions): 125.0 Episod Title: “Roots Part VIII” Series: Roots (miniseries) Air Date: 30 Jan … Read more

Introduction to The Flintstones

Introduction to The Flintstones

What is “The Flintstones”? The Flintstones is an animated 1960s television sitcom that was broadcast on ABC. It was created and produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, who are also the producers of many other famous television shows such as Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! and Tom and Jerry. The Flintstones consists … Read more

The Original “Doctor Who”

The Original “Doctor Who”

What is Doctor Who? The original Doctor Who series is a British science-fiction television show that aired from 1963 to 1989. Doctor Who is about the many adventures of a Time Lord, called the Doctor, as he travels through time and space in his space ship, named the Tardis. The Doctor is … Read more