Why aren’t students getting enough sleep?

Why aren’t students getting enough sleep?

If this was any other year, we’d say it was probably down to partying and boozy social events – but this is no ordinary year. As the coronavirus continues to take its toll on the country, pubs, clubs and restaurants have all been closed for lockdown which means students can’t be sleep … Read more

Four Ways to Manage Life in University

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Going from traditional schooling to university is often a huge and overwhelming switch in daily routine, and for people who are not prepared for this change, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Many people find themselves so overwhelmed that it poorly affects their first years at university, meaning that they may have to … Read more

So, What’s the Best College Major for You?

It goes without saying that a college major has a significant impact on the future career a person will have.  Pick the right major and you start your career path out on the right foot immediately after graduation.  Pick the wrong major it and might take years to get on the right … Read more