The Interesting History of Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda series logo

The Legend of Zelda franchise from Nintendo is one of the most enduring and storied in video game history. While that longevity is noteworthy in and of itself, Zelda stands out due to Nintendo’s unwavering commitment to excellence.  Even though certain games shine brighter than others, there has never been a terrible … Read more

History of the Classic Video Game Asteroids

A classic space-themed game, Asteroids is developed by Atari and published by the same company in North America and Taito in Japan. In Asteroids, the goal of the player is to eliminate all asteroids and flying saucers on the screen by shooting them while avoiding enemy fire and collision. As the player … Read more

Top Video Game Trends For 2021

The gaming industry is evolving and changing faster than a speeding bullet. With so many gaming platforms to choose from, such as VR, AR, consoles, mobile, computer games, and an expected dramatic shift that looks promising, you’re left with the option of holding on and anticipating only for the best. Now, 2021 … Read more