How To Choose A VPN Service Provider: PIA & More

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Since you are living in 2021, it means that you have by now probably become adjusted to quite a lot of changes that have occurred in the past few decades and especially technological ones. For example, I would be really surprised to hear that you don’t actually know what a VPN is. … Read more

Why Your Online Privacy Matters

Why Your Online Privacy Matters

Privacy violations don’t just cause slight annoyances; they can actually damage your reputation completely. And you don’t want that happening, right? Then, find effective ways of protecting it. According to experts from Privacy Spark, privacy is important for the following reasons. Limit on Power The more someone knows about you, the more … Read more

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Using VPN Services

The beginning of the development of VPN was 23 years ago when a Microsoft employee finished working on a technology called Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol. This technology was the spark that instigated the development of VPNs. Once the PTP tunneling protocol was published in 1999, VPNs started its journey to take … Read more