5 Reasons To Use React JS For Web Development

5 Reasons To Use React JS For Web Development

Initially developed for Facebook, React is an open-source JavaScript library that divides user interface into reusable components for single-page applications. Despite multiple programming languages such as EmberJS, Angular JS and Ajax, React development soon became popular for front-end web developers. Though it was a test tool for Facebook, it’s the best JS … Read more

Top 7 Web Development Trends for 2021

Top 7 Web Development Trends for 2020 - Copy

While some tech companies shape web development trends from time to time, others are keen to follow them. Web development trends largely depend on the demands of tech consumers. Accordingly, web development experts in FortySeven47 come up with new technologies to meet those demands and the growing requirements of this modern digital … Read more

How Enterprise SEO Works

Search engine

Google search results have become the new Yellow Pages because it is the first and foremost way in which customers connect with local businesses. This means that search engine visibility is critical for any kind of success, because without a highly visible online brand, marketing is impossible and the business might as … Read more