Taking English Lessons Online

Learning English has never been easier. English Lessons Online, as the name suggests, is a way of learning English online means via platforms like Skype. Online learning has opened many doors for people wanting to learn English at your convenience and flexibility.  It does not take much to learn English online. Everything is accessible. You just need an internet connection and device through which you can connect. 

How Does Online Learning Happen?

Online lessons are simple to navigate; each service has its way of delivering lessons; some are free, while others charge hourly. You can learn English online by applying for courses with pre-recorded lectures while services like Preply let you choose a tutor of your liking and book them on an hourly basis.

Most lessons are held through Skype. There is a mixed-mode of learning from tests to speaking and writing. You can either use a microphone to communicate or use a textbook to type. Some services have their platforms for communications.

What are the timings?

The beauty of English lessons online is that there is no fixed timing for studying. This does not mean classes happen randomly, but rather it means you can book courses according to your schedule and convenience. What other modes of learning do not consider when planning a lesson is that not everyone has the same routine; hence they cannot sit together at the same time.

Where are the tutors from?

All tutors on most learning platforms are native speakers of the language with certifications indicating their expertise in teaching the language. Learning through a native speaker makes picking up languages easier. This, however, is not limited to native speakers. If you are a beginner, you will benefit from studying English through a tutor who also understands your native tongue.

Are online classes useful? How do I book a course?

Online classes are the most convenient way of learning something new. As mentioned previously, online lessons allow you to study at your own pace. Each lesson is tailored to your needs, and the classes can be taken anywhere at any time, which is feasible for you. Other modes of learning online do not offer live face-to-face interaction with a real teacher; instead, you receive course material via email. 

To book an online lesson, you simply need to have access to;

1. Internet connection

A Stable internet connection will allow you to use online platforms with ease and no disruption. With a good connection, you are less likely to encounter technical problems.

2. A computer

You need to have a good working computer, this under no circumstance means you need the latest technology available in the market. The computer must be good enough for the application to run smoothly without crashing. 

If you cannot afford a computer, a mobile device or tablet will do the job. But keep in mind that not all platforms are compatible with these devices, and you might face technical issues. 

3. Headphones & Webcam

These are two completely optional devices that you can get to enhance your online learning experience. With headphones, you can cancel out the background noises of any environment you are taking your class in, and a webcam allows you to make the online learning experience feel more like a real-life interaction. 

Most devices come with a built-in webcam, especially mobile phones, and laptops have a front camera. If you are not using a PC and your device does not have a camera, chances are you are using outdated equipment and should consider upgrading.

The Convenience, Choice, and Cost of Online Learning

1. Convenience

No matter what anyone says, the convenience of learning English online has to offer transcends traditional methods. You get whatever you want and whenever you want. Lesson plans are catered to your needs. Each class is held on a one-to-one basis, and the time at which the lessons are taught are designed according to your availability. You can take classes at home as these services are available 24/7. 

2. Choice

There are so many tutors that are present at your disposal. Preply alone has over 2500 registered tutors, each specializing in their native language. English teachers are further qualified to teach at a different level from children to adults. Moreover, if you want to prepare for a proficiency test, each tutor specializes in specific testing procedures like IELTS, SATs, TOEIC, etc. 

Additionally, there is a choice to improve your language skills in specific disciplines such as just reading or writing, holding business conversations, or having small casual talks. Focus can also be placed on improving vocabulary, grammar, or both. 

3. Cost

The cost of learning varies vastly. It depends on the number of hours you study, which tutor you avail, what level you are on, and the purpose you are learning English. Online learning saves you a lot more money than traditional services. Learning through conventional means requires traveling, which uses fuel that costs a lot if you have to travel a long distance. Additionally, there is no money-back guarantee with face-to-face classes, and often no reviews are taken. 

Whereas online classes allow you to avail free trial, on top of that, you are free to quit at any time, and you are guaranteed to be back paid back for classes you have not taken. Moreover, online teaching platforms take reviews into significant consideration and often ask you to leave a review following three lessons. 

Should I Take Online Lessons?

After carefully considering what online learning platforms have to offer, you can make a choice. If you are still contemplating if online classes are better than conventional courses and other learning methods, ask yourself three questions. Is there a choice in taking traditional courses? Are you willing to pay a fortune and have zero return on investment? Is it feasible for you to take classes in person? If the answer to all three questions is no, then you should try online lessons. As previously mentioned, it offers choice, convenience, and affordability.