Taking Vitamins Doesn’t Have to Be Boring— Here’s 3 Brands With Tasty Options


Are you tired of seeing the same old multivitamins on the shelves? For many years, most of the adult multivitamins were in pill or capsule format. The pills were large, hard to swallow, and left you with a bad aftertaste. Are you looking for good-tasting alternatives?

It was not until recent years when companies brought a breath of fresh air to the adult multivitamin world and re-introduced adult gummies.

Finally, people can get a handle on their nutrition with palpable, chewable healthy vitamins. Many of the gummy vitamins companies offer similar-sounding flavors. Be wary that a Very Berry Flavor from Company A may not taste the same as Very Berry from Company B.

Three Gummy Brands with Tasty Options

When shopping for the right gummy vitamin, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Consumers have not tied to only shopping at brick-and-mortar stores anymore. There are many only-online companies with reputable products that can be delivered directly to your front door.

Since many of the adult gummies are sold online, you will not have the chance to have a taste test of the gummy vitamins before you purchase a whole bottle. With that being the case, how does one know if the gummy brand they are considering has a bad aftertaste or not?

Here are three adult gummy multivitamin brands that have good taste:

Smarty Pants Women’s Daily Gummies

Smarty Pants Women’s Daily Gummies are a brand that can be found online. When initially looking at the company’s website, you will see past customers have rated this product highly.

With this brand offering three various flavors of gummies, you will be able to find a flavor that you prefer. Several of the past customers have compared Smarty Pants Women’s Daily Gummies to candy making it something that is fun to eat. The daily allowance of Smarty Pants Women’s Daily Gummies is six pieces per day.

Nature Made Multivitamin Gummies

Natures Made Multivitamin Gummies are an easy to access brand that can be bought at the local Wal-Mart or Target. With Nature Made already having a strong reputation in the pill and capsule vitamin area, this company has come in strong to represent itself in the adult gummy game.

Consumers of the Nature Made Multivitamin Gummies only need to take two gummies per day. It comes in a berry flavor and provides key vitamins and daily nutritional support.

Cosmo Vita Adult Gummies

Cosmo Vita Gummies are a newly released product on the market. This brand is currently sold online only. The thing that sets Cosmo Vita apart from the rest is that the adult gummy vitamins available are Cosmo Vita’s specialized nutrients.

Cosmo Vita Adult Gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and only include simple ingredients. These gummies are manufactured with no dyes, no artificial colors, and no preservatives. The suggested daily dose is two pieces per day.

All three of these brands are great options for someone that is looking to improve their health and wellness by implementing a vitamin routine in their daily lives. If you are interested in one of the three options mentioned above, you can not go wrong.


There are hundreds of adult gummy multivitamin options on the market. When shopping for supplements, it is best to do your due diligence to review the websites, product descriptions and past consumer reviews. After doing a quick analysis, you will be able to make the right decision on the quality of gummies you will be eating for the next 60+ days. Don’t get stuck with a subpar product.

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