Talisman Casualty Insurance Company: How it differs from other insurance companies


Insurance can be baffling to all of us, but when you are setting up your business’s insurance, the problem is compounded. If you don’t have a good grasp of the financials there is extraordinarily little chance that you will succeed. A good insurer helps you take command, underwrite your risks, and prevent the worst types of exposure, should times get tough.

With all this in mind, we wanted to take a moment and examine what it is that makes Talisman Casualty different. With exemplary case handling, tailored insurance and bond packages, and surety programs all created with you in mind, Talisman Casualty has developed a unique, insured focused approach to designing packages to protect business owners.

What Makes Talisman Casualty different?

Talisman handles cases in an entirely different way from other providers. When the worst happens, and you learn you are being sued, you may grab your insurance policy and start studying it fearful that you may endure a financial hardship and be left on your own to deal with the lawsuit. You can learn how Talisman Casualty handles suit here, or you can stay with us, while we delve deeper into the differences.

Talismans offer specialty packages – insurance programs designed specifically for what you need. Normally, insurance firms present you with a one-size-fits-all policy. Generally speaking, this always leaves some businesses with coverage gaps and confusing language. With Talisman, your firm has tailored insurance for exactly what it needs. Talisman does not want you to pay extra premiums for packages you don’t need and limited coverage when your business faces potential liability.

The process itself has also been streamlined. Talisman Casualty makes the client their top priority because they operate using a captive insurance model. This basically means that the firm exists exclusively to provide insurance to their members, instead of the opposite way of working, which sees insurers lumping together large non-homogeneous groups of insureds.

Why is Captive Insurance Attractive?

It is generally much smaller in concept than large firms can provide. Captive Insurance usually involves working with a close group of people, each capable of helping the other. The firm provides better risk management since there is little or no borrowing involved to underwrite risk. Captive Insurance also keeps things centralised, with one provider responsible for everything. This is both more efficient and more productive for the consumer since they save both time and money in the process.

Normally, you wouldn’t be given the opportunity to work with a captive insurer because their firms are typically set up on behalf of a parent, in order to get balance sheet benefit for that firm. Talisman is a little like a union in this sense. The more people that work with them, the better the insurance and range of products they can offer. For the most part, a captive insurer seeks to minimise risks and manage them where possible. If you can tap into this, you could pay much less in premiums, leaving room for bigger profits.

What’s the Difference?

You will receive more attentive service, a tailored program, and the knowledge that you are insured with a firm who genuinely cares for their clients.

Essentially, the differences leave you better off – particularly when you choose to insure with Talisman Casualty.

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