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Let’s talk about price first. Even though the exact prices for Acer and Asus monitors will vary according to your location, there are some general trends that make Acer the better choice on the basis of price alone. Not only are they cheaper than Asus monitors in absolute terms, but the value that you get in terms of quality and longevity is also greater.

 In general, you can expect to pay an additional $100 for an Asus monitor compared to an Acer monitor offering more or less similar features and specifications. So, if budget is your top concern, then an Acer monitor is what you should invest in. Asus monitors also attach with numeric keypad laptops.

Apart from the screen resolution, there are many other things that go into deciding which monitor is better than the other. Despite having similar panels, the two brands offer some differences in their features. Our verdict goes in favor of Asus in this case, mainly because the monitor offers a wider range of features compared to Acer. 

For example, Asus monitors come with a better layout for the on-screen display which makes navigation much easier than what the Acer monitor offers. The problem with Acer is that they do not stick to a good layout that has proven to work. Constantly reworking the on-screen layout simply leads to more confusion among users and reduces user loyalty to the brand. People prefer consistency and even though the different variations show improvement over the previous models, Asus’s consistency makes it a better choice from the user’s perspective. 

With the Asus monitor, the user also gets the DisplayWidget feature which works like a dashboard to help users to adjust monitor settings such as color, brightness and contrast. However, doing the same with a mouse is just as efficient. 

Another useful feature is the App Sync which lets users adjust app settings when viewing a movie or playing an online game.

This is by far the first thing that strikes one about the monitor. Even though both Acer and Asus use the same manufacturers to make their monitors, their quality is not exactly the same due to minor differences in specifications. So, it all depends on the resolution that you choose regardless of the brand. Same goes for stability and durability as both monitors use high-quality materials in the manufacturing process which makes their assembly almost indistinguishable from each other. However, the two brands differ in the quality of the hardware. Things such as the internal circuitry, bezel and buttons are better in Asus monitors than in Acer monitors.  


It appears that Asus is the better choice compared to Acer on almost all fronts as it offers better features, design and usability. Nonetheless, your choice should be based on considering the models that are available in your location. A good strategy would be to make a side-by-side comparison of the models you have shortlisted rather than making brand comparisons. In this way, you would be making a more honest and clearer comparison between what you need and what is available in the market.