Teen Patti: Variations of the Game to Try Out


Teen Patti originated in the soil of India and is the favourite and popular card game in Asian countries and outside. When teen patti real cash came online it became a part of youth, more and more people of the mobile generation started playing and enjoying Teen Patti. Teen Patti is played in many social gatherings in India, as the game lies close to the tradition and culture of the Indian subcontinent.

Teen Patti had its name from the way the game is played, the name Teen Patti translates to “3 cards” in English. The game is gaining wide popularity for reasons like its resemblance to poker and how the game can accommodate more than 10 players in a round.

People are more attracted to teen patti as the game can be learned easily, and the skill set needed can be developed by practice easily. The rules of teen patti are very simple, it is played using the ever-classical deck of cards. Over the centuries Teen Patti now has more than a dozen ways how it can be played. This article discusses various ways to play teen patti.

Rules of Playing Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a card game without the joker, it is played by around 10 people. Teen patti real cash is played by placing bets and the players will agree on a minimum bet amount which is called the boot amount. The boot amount is collected from the player and is kept in the pot before the cards are distributed.

3 cards will be given to each player, once the cards are distributed and dealt the players will make a call or raise. Making a ‘call’ means the player is continuing the game while “raise” means the player is raising the bet amount. As the game continues the amount in the pot increases. The stake of the game is decided by the first player and the game keeps going in clockwise with players folding, calling or raising the amount in the pot. The winner of the game is decided at the “showdown”.

A player can request the previous player for a “ sideshow” they can deny or accept the request. When the request is accepted both players disclose the cards to each other and the one with the lower hand rank will be eliminated from the game. The showdown begins only when two players are left and the one with the higher hand wins the game.

This is how traditionally teen patti is played but if you want a twist to the usual take, here is the list of different ways how Teen Patti can be played.


Why always make the high power win, in Muflis variation of teen patti also called Lowball the lowe ranking hand is given the win. The player holding the lowest card is win, the rest is the same way how teen patti is played.

Sudden Death

Unlike traditional teen patti here players are given more than three cards. All 52 cards are distributed among the players for instance each player will receive 13 cards if there are 4 players. The players start dropping the cards they have received until one among the players shouts ‘ STOP’. The player picks the highest card that is remaining. The one that has the highest ranking card wins the game.

Folding Joker

What makes Folding Joker different from Teen Patti is that the players are given 4 cards each. One card is kept away and cannot be used when forming a hand. This unseen card act as a joker when players fold.

There are interesting ways to bring a twist to traditional teen patti games. So try out these varieties of teen patti.

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