Ten simple hacks to gain space at home


Creating home space is one of the main headaches for many people. Normally, we usually lack room to store all those objects that we accumulate at home. Therefore, tips and tricks to learn to save space and get extra space for all our belongings are always appreciated.

Here are ten simple hacks that would help you gain more space in your home.

1. Optimize the use of your wall for closets

There are several ways you can arrange your closet on the wall so that the rooms look bigger. Nowadays you can get custom built-in wardrobes and closet installed on your wall in a short time and easily. This provides a great solution to space problems in small houses. It also helps to provide a sense of order.

In the case where you do not have a built-in wardrobe, an unused wall can quickly become a closet by adding some bars, shelves or organizers. It is an economical and unusual alternative, which can become a great solution.

2. Drawers under the beds

The secret of more space may be under your bed. The key to gaining more space is to make good use of those space you already have. The bedding, pillows or even the clothes of other seasons can be stored in your bedroom, at the same time you give your closet a break. This system is the perfect ally to pick up the room quickly and easily, thus obtaining much more space.

3. Sliding doors

The sliding doors have the main advantage of optimizing the interior space of a room and they allow you to take advantage of small spaces, in addition to being able to separate two environments.

Vinyl glass, transparent glass, wood? Many possibilities to fit the decoration of your home.

4. Space under the stairs

The meters under the stairs are usually a dead space in thousands of houses. Currently, the staircase has become an opportunity to gain a space that is both functional and aesthetic.

A small desk, drawers, and shelves, a closet for clothes, a playhouse for children, and even a cupboard are some of the endless possibilities offered by these spaces.

5. White and light colors

White, gray and soft tones provide a greater sense of spaciousness to your home, achieving the desired effect of space.

If you want to get out of the monotony, you can combine white on the ceiling with a tanner tone on the walls. The furniture must go according to the tones of the room since the furniture of dark tones reduces the feeling of spaciousness. Elegance and simplicity – two adjectives that perfectly describe this range of colors.

6. Start room by room

hacks to gain space at home

Each room has different functions, so you cannot apply the same solutions in the kitchen as in the bathroom. List the deficiencies in the organization of each room, for example, lack of space to place rolls of toilet paper or other personal care products. Being aware of this will allow you to start looking for the best way to meet your needs and distribute the space.

7. Store items in containers or boxes

The use of storage alternatives such as containers to free space on surfaces and certain areas, especially in the kitchen is encouraged. Organize the objects and group them according to their characteristics so you can easily find them. The shelves are the perfect complement for your containers that maintain order and reduce the accumulation of dust.

8. Keep Objects in a vertical arrangement

Arrange objects that are not in common use such as books, movies, clothes, containers, among others, vertically to take advantage of the height of the storage space. Also, all containers that do not have a designated place, place them one on top of the other so that they only concentrate only in one area.

9. Use Separators in all drawers

Organize your drawers with dividers or organizers so that each object has its place. Do not forget to measure the drawers and decide what you will put in them before buying the organizers, as a divider for underwear does not have the same measures as one for kitchen utensils.

10. Say goodbye to what you don’t need

Get rid of all those elements that only contribute to the chaos of your house: items that you do not use or that have already fulfilled their useful life, expired products, clothes that are very worn. In this way, you will avoid filling the storage areas and you will get the perfect space to put everything in its place.

Keeping an organized house can be difficult, but not impossible. Put these tips into practice and you will see how a clean and organized house will make you feel very good.

Author Bio-

Edward Flanagan is the founder of Edward’s Enterprises, a handyman service & licensed general contractorthat has been improving homes and providing facilities maintenance in Southern California since 1996. Their hauling services include yard cleanup and junk hauling.Edward currently divides his time between Camarillo and Venice Beach, CA, and loves the 405.

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