Thailand Energy Project: Can Clean Energy Solution Help Developing Countries?


The use of fossil fuels has harmed the ecosystem to an irreversible extent since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Climate change is a very serious and pressing issue that must be handled soon, or else it will spiral out of control. In addition to environmental concerns, the limited supply of fossil fuels and non-renewable resources is frequently dictated by global politics, which affects global fuel supply, resulting in an energy crisis. All of these concerns have emphasized the importance of finding a clean energy solution. We will examine the importance of clean energy solutions in this article, as well as the Thailand energy project, which is a large-scale energy project.

The Thailand wind power and battery energy storage project in 2020 

Thailand has sought help from the Asian Development Bank to fund a mega-scale wind power and battery energy storage project in order to lessen its reliance on fossil fuel imports. It is expected to generate 14,870MWh of electricity per year. Furthermore, the project will reduce 6,364 tonnes of carbon in the country. The project is ambitious and will signal the beginning of a transition from non-renewable to renewable energy sources. The wind power and battery energy storage project in Southern Thailand used surplus electricity generated by wind turbines to store it in a battery energy storage system. It’s widely regarded as the first private-sector response to the problems of a clean-energy innovation endeavor.

The present common clean energy solutions

Currently, the world is experiencing a transition to clean energy solutions. Some of the most common clean energy solutions include:

1. Wind energy storage

Wind energy storage is designed to store the excess energy produced from wind turbines. It is one of the cheapest and most sustainable forms of energy. The energy is stored to ensure a steady supply of power.

2. Solar energy storage

Solar energy storage is the next type of renewable energy storage, and it makes use of the extra power generated by photovoltaic cells. The surplus energy is stored in solar energy storage batteries for use during power outages and at night when solar energy is in short supply.

3. Hydroelectric power storage

Hydroelectric power energy is one of the cheapest forms of energy. Moreover, the supply of which never gets exhausted. Hydroelectric power storage is used along with hydropower to store the power to meet power outages. 

4. Geothermal energy storage

Geothermal is the other form of clean energy solution. The energy produced from underground heat from the Earth can be used and stored to meet our energy needs. 

Geothermal energy storage

The benefits of using clean energy in developing countries:

Clean energy solutions are designed to offer multiple advantages to the homeowners as well as the environment. The following are the top three advantages of using clean energy solutions in developing countries. 

1. Clean energy produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution, which can cause crises in developing countries 

The production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide is the most significant consequence of utilizing fossil fuels. Carbon emissions are linked to a variety of environmental problems, including climate change, which may result in flooding, sea-level rise, and air pollution, to mention a few. Clean energy solution has the potential to drastically reduce our carbon footprint and many forms of air pollution.

2. Diversifying energy supply and reducing dependence on imported fuels from other countries 

The use of clean energy solution helps in diversifying the energy supply, which in turn reduce the country’s dependence on imported fuel from other countries. In this way, global politics would have a reduced impact on the domestic power supply. 

3. Creating economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation, and more. 

The initiation of new energy projects will offer job opportunities to the unemployed citizens of the country. More people will be employed in manufacturing, installation, and other sectors. As a result, economic development will get a boost. 

Creating economic development and jobs in manufacturing

The advantages of nRuiT’s Powerporter 9kWh and Powerporter 11kWh as one of the clean energy solutions

The transition to renewable energy sources is the need of the hour. To ensure a smooth transition from fossil fuel to clean energy solutions, nRuiT has developed several energy storage solutions, like Powerporter 9kWh and Powerporter 11kWh are two mention-worthy solutions. Let’s discuss the advantages of these two devices:

  1. These devices are designed to be used along with solar energy systems to store the excess power to be used when needed
  2. The systems are designed to make households’ energy sufficient
  3. To reduce carbon footprint
  4. The devices come with a 5years warranty
  5. Both the devices have an IP grading of IP31
  6. The devices have a compact size and shape


nRuiT is one of the global leaders in providing intelligent energy storage solutions. It offers a one-stop solution for Lithium energy storage systems, including residential, industrial, and commercial applications. To buy premium quality power storage solutions, contact them today. 

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