The 21st Century Way to Shop for Premium Meats


With millions around the world sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, cooking has become an essential lifeline for many people looking to find a way of focussing on small, productive tasks that provide order to the day. 

This has meant that in large North American cities, where fast food and restaurants are a basic part of the food culture infrastructure, basic ingredients like raw flour, grains, and meats are being bought in much greater quantities than before. In some cases, the new demand has been so great there have actually been shortages. 

This in turn has created problems for people who are trying to avoid making unnecessary trips outside. If you used up those steaks or chicken breasts sooner than you thought you would — or if you’ve just come across a great pork tenderloin recipe you just have to try — can you justify making another trip to the shops, or should you wait until your next scheduled shopping day?

Fortunately, these are no longer the only options. In the face of the first global twenty-first century pandemic, a twenty-first century shopping solution is revolutionizing how we shop for meat. 

How Fresh Meat Delivery Makes Grocery Shopping Safer

At this point, most of us are used to having just about any product delivered to our homes, thanks to e-commerce. But up until now, shopping for groceries has been different. Most people prefer to see and handle products like vegetables, fruit, and meat before purchasing to ensure they are high quality. 

All of this is changing thanks to specialized fresh meat delivery services, which offer safe regular delivery of a range of premium meats, including:

  • Whole chickens
  • Chicken breasts, thighs, and wings
  • Ground turkey, chicken, beef, and grass-fed beef
  • Steaks
  • Roasts
  • Bacon
  • Wild-caught seafood

Being able to get these high-quality cuts delivered straight to your door within a couple of days means that you can shop with peace of mind during the pandemic. And if you set up a subscription, you’ll never need to visit a butcher again!

The Added Benefits of Buying Local

Having your meat delivered doesn’t just make it easy to ensure you always have the premium ingredients you need for coq au vin or barbecue ribs. It also makes it easier to support local farmers who are committed to sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly farming.  

For example, meat delivery services like truLOCAL work with farms and producers within your region to supply you with the best cuts. Not only can you find out exactly where your grass-fed beef is coming from, you can also see exactly which farms and butchers you’re supporting. 

This is especially important during the pandemic, as many small farmers have been hit extremely hard by restaurant closures and supply chain disruptions. So if you want your money stay in the local economy and get some of the best tasting meat around, make sure to order your meat through a local delivery service. 

Food has provided an essential comfort to millions of people during the pandemic, and with premium meat delivery options, making sure you have the best ingredients for your favourite dishes doesn’t require you to put yourself or your supermarket clerk in any danger. Order your first meat delivery box today, and find out how easy it can be!

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