The 3 Luxury Villas With Private Pool To Choose This Summer


Summer is considered to be the best season for vacationing since it’s when most people have enough time off from work and school. The only downside to summer vacations is that they can get very expensive if you choose to stay in hotels or resorts because of the prices of their accommodations.

An alternative option that you can choose during the summer holidays is to rent a villa with a private pool which lets you enjoy your own pool while also having the luxury of staying in your own home without having to pay hotel fees! This article will give you 3 top recommendations of luxury villas with a private pool that you can rent during the summer holidays!

Villa Mazzarò

Villa Mazzarò

Mazzaro is a stunning luxury villa with a private pool situated on one of Sicily’s best beaches and is part of one of Taormina’s most exclusive residential developments. It has a generous layout and welcomes up to ten guests into its contemporary-style rooms, large swimming pool, lush garden and stone terraces. This superb holiday villa is located near Taormina and just 67 KM from Catania Airport.


  • Air conditioning
  • Barbecue
  • Garden furniture
  • Heating
  • Hydromassage pool
  • Large terrace with sea view
  • Panoramic view
  • Parking space
  • Pool (5×10 m)
  • Private parking space
  • Wi-Fi internet



Essence is one of our most recent private villas to be added to our collection. It’s a lovely and elegant property that is ideal for two people who want an idyllic escape. The private pool comes complete with a great outdoor space, perfect for dining and relaxation!

One of our favourite features about Essence was its close proximity to Menfi – it only takes around 5 minutes to drive there. Another bonus is how quick and easy it is to get to all other parts of Sicily, including Agrigento, Trapani and Erice (80km).

Just looking at these numbers tells you everything you need to know about just how beautiful Essences’ surroundings are! Even though it’s so near to Sicilian cities, visitors say they rarely feel pressured by tourists or chaos; instead, they find themselves completely immersed in blissful tranquillity.

Another thing we loved? Essence was quiet even when neighbouring properties were fully booked! This will surely not be an issue thanks to its location right next door to Ristorante Da Vittorio, which has been noted as having one of Sicily’s best restaurants.



This is a villa located near Taormina and is ideal who want to relax and spend their time enjoying clean water, amazing sea views and superb climate. The property is structured on three levels which are all well furnished with all comforts for luxury living. The properties are equipped with air conditioning, heating and satellite TV as well as a wellness area with gym, emotional shower and massage room.

This newly built splendid villa has covered terraces which are perfect to enjoy breakfast or dinner overlooking Mediterranean Sea or taking sunbathes lying on comfortable sun beds. Also it offers private swimming pool surrounded by lush tropical garden where guests can refresh themselves during warm summer days.

Final Thoughts – What to Do Next?

Looking for booking of Sicily villa with pool? Look no further than Sicily, a region in southern Italy. From luxurious villas to sprawling coastal resorts, there are tons of vacation options on offer—all within easy access of one another. Be sure to book any properties through a travel agency like Select Sicily for best pricing and service.


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