The 3 Most Common Physiotherapist Services


The subject of alternative medicine comes up a lot in the mainstream, and corporations go out of their way to tell you all about the wonders of the latest chemical drug that you can take to alleviate all of your worries. Meanwhile, clinics that offer physical therapy are fighting just to stay open so that they can offer patients a more holistic approach to health and wellness. Most people who are unfamiliar with physio are really surprised to learn about just how many types of therapies are available and how many different ailments and conditions are covered. The marketing of for-profit medicine and alternative medicine do not get an equal footing, so learning about physio is a good thing for people who want a gentler, more naturalistic approach to healing.

There are a lot of physiotherapy methods implemented in reputable clinics, so it’s important to learn which are the most popular, who they are for, and what they do.

Top 3 Common Physical Therapy Services Offered

1. Acupuncture

It’s awfully amusing to watch the modern medical world go out of its way to debunk some of these holistic practices. Once they reach acupuncture, their basic premise is, “Well, we cannot say it doesn’t work, but it’s still alternative medicine.” Okay; but we thought that alternative medicine that worked was just called “medicine”? The billion-dollar industries aren’t too kind on methods like acupuncture, but it’s the number-one service you will find offered at any reputable physio clinic out there.

It’s used to treat a wide range of ailments and conditions, such as chronic back pain, muscle issues, neck injuries, stress, and so much more. Acupuncture is the go-to service offered by a physio clinic for one reason: It actually works well to help alleviate these issues for patients.  And Lincoln Ne acupuncture is ready to serve people who have medical issues with acupuncture treatments.

2. Massage Therapy

Like acupuncture above, massage therapy is another service offered by physio clinics that actually works, and the Big Medicine lobbyists and suchlike are not able to smear the practice and drag it through the mud. Their stance is that they’d rather you show up and take their chemical opiates or perhaps have a costly surgery. Physiotherapy is all about treating you as a human being, not a financial commodity, and thus these clinicians want to help you heal by offering you a range of massage therapies that are safe, relaxing and enjoyable.

When’s the last time you have enjoyed an actual medical treatment? With so many types of massage ranging from deep tissue and hot stone to Swedish, people who come in for massage therapies actually enjoy their time and leave feeling rejuvenated and happy.

She know exactly how to heal the body.

3. Vestibular Therapy

The reason that vestibular therapies are listed here as the third-most-common type of therapy you can receive at a qualified physical therapy clinic is because we’re leaving out a whole lot of different therapies that can be categorized as acupuncture or even massage therapy. Dry needling, for instance, is a very good therapy to help individuals with their intramuscular stimulation, though we feel that it’s too similar to acupuncture to give it its own category here. So the next on the list would be vestibular physio, which is all about helping someone get over vertigo and other stressful disorders.

You might be shocked to learn that not many people who have vertigo realize that they have it, and so many who do have been diagnosed with things like high blood pressure or high blood sugar, when these are more or less negative effects of the stress and the underlying problem is actually related to vertigo. By being treated with a series of exercises and other relaxation techniques to help you alleviate stress, this vertigo can be treated in a gentle, soothing manner, and all of those other issues brought on by the vertigo may disappear.

The fact of the matter is that holistic types of medical therapies have been dragged through the mud for many decades now by a for-profit healthcare system. Even in nations with socialized medicine, there’s what you get for “free,” and then everything you pay for. There’s a vested interest in keeping you away from noninvasive, safe, relaxing treatments offered by physio clinics, like the ones listed above.

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