The 3 most popular types of plants for outdoor gardens you can buy online!


When shopping for decorations for your house and garden, you may think that you have it all covered. However, adding some nice pops of color can add aesthetic value to your outdoor spaces. Instead of just having a hedge outside with green grass, consider purchasing some garden accessories, flowers, and other herbs that can make your garden become a magical and beautiful place to sit and spend time. Therefore you could also use some Potted Plants because such plants are portable and could be mounted on the trees and the fencing of your garden very easily.

When shopping for flowers and garden accessories, you need to know the best place to buy these items. Should you buy them online or in-person? Although there is debate as to the best locations to buy garden accessories, using a website like Plantly makes this shopping easy, fast, and simple to choose exactly what you want.

Let’s see the three most popular types of outdoor flowers for gardens you can buy on any garden website!

3 popular types of outdoor plants you can buy at an online plant store!

When figuring out the types of outdoor plants you want for your garden, we have a few recommendations that everyone will love! Not only will these plants look good outside of any house or apartment, but they are fairly easy to take care of, add aesthetic value, and spruce up the outside of your house to a colorful outdoor space.

Yellow croton

One popular type is the croton plant which comes in various colors. Croton plants come in over 100 colors and varieties, with the leaves being red, green, orange, pink, and many more. The colors spread over the entire leaf and change the tone or theme you are going for with your outdoor garden.

One of the most common colors of the croton is the yellow croton, which is often called the ‘gold dust’ croton plant. It has dark leaves with yellow dots and is very easy to take care of, typically just needing to be watered occasionally and sometimes growing as tall as 6 feet in your outdoor garden!

There are other colors of crotons available for you to buy at an online store, such as the ‘mammy’ croton that features bright green, red, and brown colors scattered throughout their leaves. In addition, ‘petra’ is a type of croton that has burgundy red leaves, yellow spots, orange colors, and bronze colors.

Lastly, there is the ‘mother and daughter’ croton plant that offers a bright yellow color. This type of croton is the most unique and different looking out of all the types, with long and narrow leaves, deep colors, and ivory accents.

Aloe aristata – cold-hardy aloe

Aloe aristata, also known as cold hardy aloe or lace aloe, is a low-growing plant that has dark green leaves, white bumps, and thicker leaves that make it adaptable to harsh outdoor weather. Even though it differs from how a traditional aloe plant appears, it can still be used as either an indoor plant or in your outdoor garden or greenhouse.

The basic care of this plant involves providing full sun to partial shade, offering well-draining soil, giving low water, and preventing mealybugs and scale from harming it. Even though this plant may start small in size, it is one of the most durable and strongest aloe varieties you can purchase at an online store.

The leaves are thick, triangular, and the spread of the plant can get as high as 1-2 feet wide. However, although it is durable you need to make sure you keep an eye on it since it can’t survive in very cold weather. In this case, you need to bring the lace aloe plant inside when the harsh winter weather comes to your outdoor garden.

Begonia rex-cultorum

Rex begonia, also known as begonia rex-cultorum, is a perennial plant that you can either use in an outdoor pot or indoor container. Typically at an online store, you will find the B. rex species available for purchase, with this variety being native to parts of Asia. Other types of begonias include the Begonia rex, which is beautiful and unique.

These plants typically have large leaves, brightly colored stems and accents, and interesting foliage that makes this plant a staple in many outdoor gardens and garden centers. Owners need to keep in mind the basic facts of the begonia rex before purchasing, such as:

  • The mature size of this plant can grow to between 12 and 18 inches tall
  • The sun exposure of the begonia rex is partial to full shade
  • The soil type for this outdoor plant is porous soil
  • The bloom time and flower color is not applicable for this perennial plant
  • The hardiness zones for this plant is between 10 and 12 according to the USDA

Although you may find it can be difficult to find the exact temperature and conditions to grow your begonia rex, make sure you try to find an outdoor space that can accommodate its soil and temperature needs. The ideal temperature during the daytime is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with nightly temperatures around 60 being the best bet. This means that growing the begonia rex in a typically moderate or hot climate can be the best choice for your outdoor plant.


When shopping for plants at an online plant store, you may be unsure of where to start. Do you want indoor or outdoor plants? If you are looking for plants to brighten up your outdoor space and garden, consider purchasing the yellow croton, aloe aristata, and begonia rex-cultorum to add aesthetic value to your outdoor potted plants and outdoor garden.

If you are unsure of where to buy these plants, using an online plant store can be the most efficient and effective way to go. Instead of going in person to a store and trying to browse the endless halls of flowers, plants, and herbs, you can simply go online and type in the species you are looking for. This way, it saves you time, effort, and the possibility of making a mistake in the buying process.

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