The 3 Problems With Buying Used Office Chairs And Their Solutions


When you want to buy a high-quality ergonomic, affordable office chair, getting a used one is the best solution. Indeed, the market of used office chairs is extremely widespread today, and it includes items from the world-leading brands that are often unaffordable due to their high prices.

No wonder once you see an ad that someone is selling a second-hand ergonomic office chair that costs half of its original price, the purchase looks like a smart investment.

However, many people still remain pretty reluctant towards the idea of preferring used office furniture to new items. And in many cases, they are fairly right. Buying used office chairs can have certain pitfalls, especially if it is your first experience with the second-hand furniture market.

In this article, we shall discuss the 3 most common problems that may occur with buying used office chairs and provide practical solutions that will help you avoid the issues and enjoy the benefits of the second-hand office furniture market.

Problem #1 – Lack of Manufacturer’s Warranty

It might be the biggest issue and the main reason why so many people remain skeptical about buying used office chairs.

Most probably, the office chair is sold long after the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Even if the item comes from a reputable brand and has a prolonged warranty that is still valid, there is a strong chance that the seller won1t have the necessary paperwork that will allow you to address the manufacturer directly if something goes wrong with your used office chair.

The warranty often includes spare parts as well as shipment and even repair costs. Since chairs are among the most heavily-used pieces of office furnishing, no wonder many people still consider buying used chairs a pretty risky investment.


By buying second-hand office furniture, you get a cj=hance to get high-end items and remain within your budget frame. Many reputable ergonomic office chairs manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty for their items, which is preserved even when the chair is sold on the second-hand market.

Also, when you buy from a credible used office furniture dealer, you often receive the seller’s warranty that will give you peace of mind and preserve your investment.

Problem #2 – Short lifespan

You cannot possibly know what the office chair went through before it got on the second-hand market. Maybe it was rarely used and mostly collecting dust in the office, and maybe it came from a 24-hour call center.

In other words, there is a big chance that you will receive an item that has already been heavily used and therefore, its lifespan is significantly shorter than you may expect.


As we have already mentioned, the opportunity to save money allows you to get a high-quality second-hand ergonomic office chair. Not only such items are made to last, but they also come with an extended warranty and numerous adjustment opportunities that allow you to enjoy those high-quality office chairs for many years and even resell them again.

Problem #3 – Defects and breakage

There are lots of things that can go wrong with such a heavily-used piece of furniture as an office chair. Such chairs have particularly vulnerable parts such as armrests, adjusting mechanisms and wheels that often start to wabble, crack and break. After all, who can guarantee that the used office chair wasn’t sold precisely because it caused too much trouble to be the previous owner, right?

Cracks and scratches on upholstery and the peeling colour are one thing, and defects of the chair’s mechanisms is another. The breakage may reveal itself unexpectedly and become a reason for a serious workplace accident.


Practice shows that manufacturer’s defects and other flaws occur in new furniture much more often than in used office chairs. It mainly happens because buying from a second-hand market, you can always research each model and learn about its possible issues from numerous reviews. That way, you will know exactly where to pay your attention and how to avoid buying a defective item.

Also, there is a strong chance that the previous owner who might have faced those defects has already found solutions and eliminated them, adjusted the item perfectly so you can enjoy all its benefits.

Last but not least, credible second-hand office furniture dealers that care about their reputation will always disclose possible problems that may occur with every item and explain how they may affect your further experience with the used office chair.

Choosing between new and used office chairs may be pretty hard. However, if you explore all the benefits and possible pitfalls, know exactly what you are looking for and expect from your office furniture, you can enjoy all the benefits of second-hand office chairs and avoid their possible flaws.

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