The 4 fastest-growing entertainment sectors


Entertainment has changed a lot over the years. Isn’t it too difficult to cite the major difference between classic television and modern television, right? And the pandemic has had an even more seismic impact. It changed how we view and consume entertainment, so the effects are likely to be long-lasting. Some sectors have suffered, others are booming.

#1 Streaming services

Streaming services have been growing exponentially lately, which doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Not only are there more streaming platforms than ever before (Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus have all joined Netflix on the streaming wagon), but more people are streaming. The shift is so profound, in fact, that streaming might one day make live broadcast television obsolete. Of course, the pandemic accelerated this process by confining more people to their homes. When it was no longer possible to visit the movie theater, people transformed their front rooms into theaters instead. Despite the competition between streaming services, they all benefited during Covid-19 and continue to grow in its wake.

#2 Online casinos

Similar to streaming services, the popularity of online casinos grew during the pandemic but was already on an upward trajectory. There are lots of reasons for this. Quicker internet, wider access to online gaming, and, of course, better web design all made online casinos more attractive propositions. The rise of mobile gaming has played its part too. Nearly all online casinos are fully optimized for mobile devices, and the “play on the move” model is more popular than ever. With so many online casinos available, establishments increasingly compete for new players with attractive bonuses packages. This, in turn, leads players to be more discerning, comparing casinos and searching for Free Extra Chips using casino directories. Competition can only ever be a good thing, and this isn’t an industry that looks likely to slow down.

#3 Online gaming

Video games have increased in popularity across the board of late, but nowhere is this rise more prominent than in the online sector. Online gaming has come out of Covid-19 incredibly strongly, and it makes sense. As people were trapped at home, they sought new ways to alleviate their boredom, often trying out online games for the first time. The ability of online games to connect people around the world was also comfort during the pandemic. This, coupled with more general improvements to web infrastructure (faster connections, greater accessibility, etc.), make fertile ground for online gaming to thrive.

#4 eSports

eSports feel as though they’ve been on a slow burn for years, but they’re finally coming to prominence within the entertainment industry. These function like traditional sporting events, but, of course, the competitors are playing video games instead. Call of Duty has always been popular in the eSport arena, but the choices have diversified. You can now watch everything from horse racing to Formula One as an eSport; increasing numbers of bookmakers even offer odds. This is another area that thrived during the pandemic. With traditional sports suspended, socially distanced eSports came to the fore.

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