The 4 Most Important Things to Consider When Pet Boarding

Our ancestors had the right idea when they first domesticated animals. They knew we needed animal companions for added security, companionship, and to be more efficient in our daily activities. Though they probably did not have in mind at first that animals could be a great source of companionship and that it would become a mutually beneficial relationship.

This relationship has evolved over the years. Nowadays, people treat their pets as part of the family. Some have become a source of emotional support. That is why it has become essential to have a reliable pet boarding service you can turn to whenever you need it, like Queen City Pet Sitting – Pet Boarding Services in North Carolina.

Whether you are visiting a relative who is allergic to your pet, showing your house to a prospective buyer who is not a big fan of animals, or going on a short or extended vacation, a reliable pet boarder would be a lifesaver. Leaving your pet in the professional care of a pet boarding service is your best option to minimize separation anxiety for both you and your pet.

And to help protect your peace of mind when you are apart, here are some tips for finding the right pet boarding service for you and your furry friend.

1. Ability to provide care

The first and most important thing you have to find out is if they are capable of taking good care of your pet. Understandably, this will take up the bulk of your time and decision-making when looking for a pet boarder.

You could begin with word of mouth. Ask neighbors and friends if they have tried any company and how their experience was. It is the people around you who know you and your pet the most and would have a good idea if a company will be a good fit.

Next is online searches. When you go online, you will see many pet-boarders to choose from. To trim down your options, look for companies with favorable testimonials from satisfied customers and great reviews from reputable websites like Three Best Rated.

Check if the pet boarding company’s website is well maintained and up-to-date. A strong online presence is one of the first indications that they are committed to their business and that they have adequate resources.

Last is the eye test, your first moment of truth with regards to the quality of their service. Visit the pet-boarders’ kennels and talk to their personnel. See for yourself what kind of facilities they have and if they are well-maintained.

Find out if they have enough staff to care for your pet and if they are qualified. Ask for certifications such as the Certified Professional Animal Care Provider certificate from the Professional Animal Care Certification Council, or if their sitters passed the Certified Professional Pet Sitter Exam being given by Pet Sitters International.

Talk to the owners about their history. Ask how long they have been operating, and ask for their proof of ownership and active license to operate. Find out what kind of activities they have in store for your pet. It would also be helpful if you find out if they have any history of lawsuits, dog fights, or escaped animals. By talking to the owners and their staff, you would also be able to get a feel if their personality will be a good fit for your pet.  They might even have options like pet portrait artists as well.

2. Responsiveness

When looking for a pet-boarder or any other service for that matter, it is important to gauge how fast they could respond and how accommodating they are to your requests. It will help if you look for a company that offers a wide range of services to suit your specific needs, such as a pet taxi service, shopping for pet supplies, or airport pickup or drop off for pets. Some even offer key pickup and return, like Queen City Pet Sitting – Pet Boarding Services in North Carolina.

 3. Proximity and availability

Your choice of pet boarding services could be limited by your ability to get to their place of business and the availability of their services. How far their facility is from your home, and their business hours are essential. It would also help if they have online appointment capability or chat support. The contact information posted on their website must be current and available when you try to reach them.

4. Cost

The rate that the pet boarding facilities charge is sometimes the last thing pet owners consider. But all things being equal, the cost of pet boarding is a good tie-breaker. Look for pet boarders with lower rates, those that offer discounts, promos, or gift vouchers. It would also be a good idea to make price comparisons online.

So the next time you go away, whether for a few hours or days, do not worry. With the right pet boarding company, you can leave your pets in safe hands that would treat them the way you would-like a family.