The 4 Stages Of Falling In Love

If you’re in that phase where it feels like you’re floating on clouds and you want nothing more than to talk, share secrets, and spend time together… you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk about the signs & science of the 4 stages of falling in love

Falling in love releases specific hormones in the brain, meaning that love actually changes your brain. While these changes can be profound, it can be hard to recognize. Understanding the stages of falling in love can help you recognize where you are in the process, and can help prepare you for what is to come. As we all know, falling in love isn’t always easy and often comes with periods of doubt and insecurity. And while there are some downs to falling in love, there are also some huge ups that make falling in love fun and playful.

Here are the 4 stages of falling in love:

Realization – This may seem obvious if you’ve just met and started dating, but this is a critical and pivotal moment for two friends that are realizing they have deeper feelings for each other. 

Preoccupation – During this phase, the other person is constantly on your mind. Even if you actively try to stop thinking about them, they creep their way back into your thoughts. This phase of falling in love is very time-consuming, and may lead you to drop the ball on other responsibilities.

Idolization – This is the “they can do no wrong” phase. EVERYTHING your partner does seems adorable. Things you may have found unattractive in the past become endearing when it’s your partner doing it. 

Awkwardness/Insecurity – Inevitably, you’ll realize you’re completely ga-ga for your partner and wonder if they feel as strongly as you do. If you start to experience feelings of doubt, share this with them (no matter how vulnerable it feels). This stage is admittedly terrible, after all, no one likes to doubt themselves or their feelings.