The 5 Biggest Air Conditioning Mistakes You’re Probably Making


There are many different types of air conditioning units but they all offer the same basic service, cooling all or part of your home to make it more bearable on the hottest of days.

While some people think of air conditioning as a luxury, the majority of people in hotter climes see it as an essential item. Certainly, the fact that air conditioning helps to improve focus and productivity suggest you should be investing in a quality industrial air conditioning system.

However, before you rush to purchase a new system, you should be aware of the five biggest mistakes people make with air conditioning. It can help you avoid making the same mistakes:

1. Getting The Size Wrong

The biggest mistake that people make is getting the wrong capacity air conditioner. In order to purchase an AC unit you need to know the volume of the space you are trying to cool, regardless of whether this is one room or the entire house.

Once you know the volume you can purchase a unit capable of cooling that volume.

If you go too small the unit will struggle. Your space may never reach the coolness you desire and you’ll be shortening the life of the unit as it will be constantly struggling.

In contrast, a unit that is too large will effortlessly cool your environment. But, if it is too big you are simply wasting funds when buying it, and your air conditioning will not be cost-effective.

2. Not Changing Filters

Air conditioners have filters, these prevent dirt and debris from getting into the machine. However, the filters can become clogged; especially if they are not cleaned and changed regularly.

Clogged filters reduce air flow, lowering the units capability to cool air and making it struggle more to achieve the temperature you want.

3. Failing To Get It Serviced

It’s not just the filters that need to be looked after. You also need to check the electrics on it, look for refrigerant leaks, and a variety of other issues which are best performed by a qualified technician.

If you don’t get it serviced you increase the risk of it breaking down and you’ll shorten the lifespan of your AC unit. If you don’t want to maintain it yourself, opt for an aircon or air cooler for rent.

4. Choosing The Wrong Location

In most cases an air conditioner can go anywhere, especially if it is connected to ducts around your home. However, that doesn’t mean you can put it anywhere outside. The exterior unit is generally large and makes a noise. This can tempt people to hide it in the bushes.

However, if you put it in the bushes then you increase the risk of leaves and twigs in the vicinity giving your unity issues. In short, it could stop working when you need it the most.

5. Selecting A Setting Lower Than You Need

Finally, running an air conditioner does cost money. It is one of the more expensive household items. However, while you can’t eliminate the cost, you can lower it by simply turning the thermostat up a couple of degrees. You are unlikely to notice the difference in your home but you will see a difference in your energy bills.


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