The 5 Most Fashionable Cars of All Time


In the world of design, iconic masterpieces do not happen every other day. One might even say that it took a stroke of genius to create some of the incredible innovations we hold dear.

That is especially true for some of the landmark car designs that continue to dominate the roads today.

Although the world is constantly changing, with a lot of progress taking place on the automotive scene, we cannot deny that some cars are here to stay.

These creations seem to effortlessly combine luxury, functionality, and style into a potent mix that is difficult to ignore. And while we may be tempted to think their designs are effortless, nothing could be further from the truth, which is why these designs are celebrated the world over. Here are five of the most luxurious and fashionable cars of all time

1. BMW X6

With over a century’s worth of car-building experience under its belt, this German automaker has authored several automotive feats. These are vehicles that have firmly secured their spots in engineering and fashion history.

Among them is the buff and elegant BMW X6. Its posh features include an automatic illuminated carpet which automatically appears when you are getting in or out of the vehicle.

It also boasts of a kidney radiator grille with an ‘iconic glow.’ Aside from the grille’s aesthetic value, it complements the already impressive illumination offered by the car’s laser headlights.


Other fantastic features coming your way when you buy a BMW X6 include heated cup holders, ambient lighting, a fragrance package, and a panoramic roof.

Aside from the X6, another model that epitomizes BMW’s classic good looks is the BMW E46 M3. Its compact yet modern design is just as fresh today as it was at inception over 20 years ago.

Further down the history lane is the BMW E39 5 Series, a range of high-performance sedans that premiered in 1996, but which came and redefined the corporate car image.

2. Rolls Royce Dawn

The Rolls Royce Dawn is a convertible or drophead coupe that has successfully kept up the Rolls Royce heritage of providing noise-free driving experiences.

Despite its retractable roof, the vehicle still offers a near-silent drive to occupants whether the top is up or down. That is thanks to the 6-layered roof and the hundreds of pounds of sound-absorbing materials used in the car’s body.

The top may be pulled up or down when the vehicle is at speeds of up to 50 Km/hr. That avails you the liberty of switching from a sunny cruise to a cool interior in an instant without disrupting your journey.

So noteworthy is the Rolls Royce Dawn that it appeals to all age brackets. Ordinarily, it isn’t easy to find a car favored by both younger and older folks in terms of style.

The Rolls Royce Dawn does that with ease. Its exterior is all about smooth lines that seamlessly blend and morph into an imposing behemoth. Even at a standstill, the car exudes heavy capability and rich potential.

Rolls Royce Dawn

As with most of its predecessors, the Dawn’s heavy reverse doors open and shut at the press of a button. It is a car whose styling cues are heavily inspired by fashion, with silk-lined door storage compartments and flawless leather upholstery.

3. Range Rover Velar

There is something undeniably self-assured about a Range Rover. However, as far as Range Rover SUVs are concerned, the Range Rover Velar is the most stylish yet.

Not only does it sport the most contemporary design of all its stablemates, but it also has a couple of new extra design fixes thrown in. One of these is the deployable door handles that bring seamless harmony to the car’s body lines.

Range Rover Velar

The sleek outlook is further complemented by the LED headlamps, quad tail lights, smooth lines, and integrated rear spoiler for a more aerodynamic delivery.

The elegant overtones spill into the car’s interior with smooth horizontal lines and an optional Windsor leather trim. There are also separate climate zones such that even the recliner rear seats can each be at different zones at a time.

4. Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe

Mercedes Benz is one of those brand names that need no advertising, as the name speaks for itself.

The Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe, with its contemporary aesthetic, is one of the brand’s most style-worthy offspring.

Its wrap-around headlights and curved silhouette have an aura of unassuming sophistication, especially when coupled with the car’s finely sculpted lines.

Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe

The 2021 model has also seen the incorporation of a pillarless profile, meaning there are no visible structural elements between the front and rear side windows.

5. Lamborghini Aventador

It would be remiss to talk about automotive-style icons without mentioning the Lamborghini Aventador.

Driving a Lamborghini Aventador should be at the top of every speed demon’s bucket list.

One of the Aventador variants- the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ continues to hold the fastest ever Nürburgring track record, with a lap time of 6:44:97.

Lamborghini Aventador

Aside from undisputed performance, this Italian masterpiece oozes style both on the interior and exterior. Its interior features carbon-fiber trim, and impeccably stitched leather and Alcantara upholstery.

Some of its controls rest on an aeronautically inspired center console whose slanted design is not only user-friendly, but also gives the car an ultra-modern feel.

On the outside, the car’s large side skirts, crisp lines, and omega-shaped rear wing combine to give it a piercing aggressive look.

In other words, the Aventador’s appearance lives up to the fashionably sporty image that only lovers of the fast life and fine things would understand.

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