The 6 Strangest and Weirdest Things Wine Varieties Can Offer


Wines are perfect when it comes to party celebration and food pairing activities. The massive availability of wines makes every reason to celebrate the diverse flavors each brand has to offer. Each wine label may come in different bottles, but generally, wines come in either red or white. Every winemaker also makes sure that they craft wines to the best of their ability.

We usually see bottles and glasses of wines served in any events. We are also used to the flavors we typically see in every fine wine stores. How about if we go beyond what wine labels can offer. Yes, there are some things we generally know about wines, but there are also weird things we didn’t know about it.

A bottle of wine may come weird and strange sometimes. There are some peculiar wine inventions we didn’t know which looks so incredible and amazing. It makes the taste and the brand of the wine more enjoyable. Here are some of the wackiest, coolest, and strangest things you should know about wine. These things can add your interest in making your wine tasting experience more fun and unique.

Wines In Rose Petals

Flowers are edible, so it makes perfect for wine flavor. It is why a rose petal wine was created. A small family located in England invented this rose petal wine. The winery named Lurgashall Winery is known to craft wines that are made from natural ingredients. They are known in West Sussex to produce strange wine flavors made from native walnuts, honey, birch sap, and blackberries.

The rose petal wine is made by this wine producer in partnership with the Royal National Rose Society. It is an organization that specializes in nourishing rose plants. They work with Lurgarshall to supply a handpick rose as a main ingredient for the rose petal wine. Wine lovers described this wine as fresh, fragrant, and pure like the Petrus Bordeaux wines.

The Meteorite Wine

Have you ever heard a wine label made from a meteorite? It was way back in 2012 when Ian Hutcheon, a worker for Chile’s main vineyard named Tremonte Vineyard made this label. He made a smart and exciting invention when he mixed his love for astronomy and winery. He uses a 4.5 billion years old meteorite to mix with other wine ingredients and came up with Cabernet Sauvignon label. The wine is called “Meteorito.” Many people love this wine as it’s one of the scientifically-space inspired inventions in the history of winemaking.

Wine In Coffee Flavor

Have you ever felt that you are nearing the end of the day and you are quoted confused whether you need to drink a glass of wine or a cup of coffee? Do don’t have to worry this time. One of the coolest inventions of Friend Fun Winery is a bottle of wine that comes in a coffee flavor. Yes, this is merely hitting two birds with one stone.

The winery store is located in Florida, where they sell canned wines. They also hold the records the world’s first creator of wine in coffee flavor. It might sound strange to hear this wine flavor, but it’ll surely come to a hit once you taste it.

The Blue Wine

Most wine colors you see may come in pink, yellow, clear, and red. This time let us know the blue wine. It is a wine developed by GIK group, which surprisingly don’t possess any winemaking experience. They partnered with UBC (University of Basque Country) with their foods research group which manufactures this wine label.

The Blue wine is purely made from white and red grape blends. It does not contain any calories when it comes to added sweetener, which makes this wine more enjoyable. The blue color is derived from the natural white pigment found in grape varietals used accompanied by the Indigo color extracted from Isatis tinctoria. These wines are sold in Europe and pre-order in you are in the United States.

Wine In Cake Flavor

Another strange thing about combining food and wine is making a label out of cake flavor. The Birthday Cake Vineyard is making a signature wine label out of their name. It is a winery store found in New York where you can choose wine labels in different cake flavors. They offer flavors such as cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, cake batter. They also have red wine which uniquely carries a taste of black forest and coffee cake.

Wine Produced In Outer Space

Wines made in outer space is probably one of the strangest things you should know about wines. It is made possible by the International Space Station where this satellite grows a grape varietal in outer space. The SpaceX Dragon is their spacecraft that delivers grape seeds so it’ll undergo nourishing in the space. These grape varietals do not need so much water, yet they produce perfect grapefruits.

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