The 9 Most Difficult IT Hires Today


In today’s era where technology is advanced, abundant, and accessible, all companies or brands would need to have an IT team that will help them keep up with the trends, expand their reach, and provide their customers or clients with better customer service. However, even though IT professions are in demand right now, businesses are still struggling to find capable people that can fill in specific roles for the IT team. Below is a short list of the 9 most difficult IT hires today to learn more about the professions where you may have trouble finding people to hire. Before we get started with the list, if you want help in finding competent people for the mentioned professions below, you can hire, partner, or collaborate with an IT recruitment company like Reintech that is more knowledgeable in who to look for to create a talented IT team.

Data Analyst

The data analyst is responsible for gathering information and insights from complex data. While it may seem like a relatively easy task to do, analyzing data is actually quite difficult if you aren’t knowledgeable in translating raw data to something comprehensible and quantifiable.

Without data analysts, you wouldn’t be able to figure inconsistencies or discrepancies in different aspects of your business. For example, data analysts would often help in determining the least popular products for your brands, which would then enable you to improve upon those items and eventually make them sell better.

Cloud Engineer

Although the cloud system has been around for more than 12 years, it has only been popular in recent years, as many companies are starting to use it to save memory space for hardware and make it run faster since it consumes fewer data. Even though cloud services are well-known today, there are not a lot of experts right now when it comes to creating a cloud database for businesses. In addition, managing the cloud database is also another complicated task in itself, so the cloud engineer actually has plenty of tasks or activities to do within the company.

Application Developer

Application developers are increasingly becoming in demand in recent years, as many companies and brands want to create their own apps so that consumers will be able to access their products and services through their smartphones or tablets. But, because application development only became popular recently, there are still only a few that are qualified for the job.

Cybersecurity Engineer

IT industry

Cybersecurity is very important for businesses, as it is a way for them to get protection against hackers that may steal information through the businesses’ websites and databases. Although it is not that difficult to find capable people to work in cybersecurity, the challenging aspect of hiring lies in their capabilities to learn how to defend your company’s data against new threats that would pop up almost every day. So, it is crucial to hire cybersecurity engineers, architects, and specialists that are constantly updated on the latest threats on the web.

DevOps Expert

DevOps Experts or development operations specialists are important people that some companies need to hire in order to develop better products, services, and software. DevOps has branches of tasks within itself, so an expert in the field would usually have knowledge in various development-related topics. DevOps experts are also responsible for gathering customer feedback (usually given by data analysts) and determining which parts or aspects of a specific product should be improved upon based on the opinions of customers.

Technical Writer

Although it is not technically an IT-related profession, technical writing is still essential for companies to have, as this job provides employees with easy-to-read guides on how to use certain programs, machines, or devices while working for the company. Technical writers are responsible for translating complicated processes into digestible tasks that even non-IT experts can understand. In addition, you can also benefit from hiring technical writers if you don’t know too much about IT, as they can write simple analyses about the development processes and findings of your IT team.

Frontend Developer

Programming software is arguably one of the most difficult tasks in the IT department, but there are plenty of people that are efficient at doing the said task. However, developing software for the frontend or the graphical user interface of a website is a complicated task that doesn’t have too many people who are skilled in it.

A frontend developer is typically responsible for developing and designing graphical UIs for websites with the use of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. While using those platforms is relatively easy to do, developing the full frontend of a website can be quite difficult for many, as there are plenty of texts and codes to read, write, and edit in order to create a properly functioning website for the company. So, if a particular business has a website, the frontend developer is responsible for making sure that the site has intuitive menus, pages, and controls. Keep in mind that frontend development has multiple branches, so there are some jobs that are focused on specific tasks and platforms. One of those jobs is the React developer, who is tasked to develop and design user interfaces through React, an open-source frontend JavaScript library.

AI Developer

There are some IT-related tasks that cannot be accomplished by mere humans, which is why AI or artificial intelligence systems should be available for companies to gather and analyze large amounts of data and information. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can be created by AI developers, although there are not a lot of them that companies can hire.

IoT Specialist

The Internet of Things is quickly becoming bigger and bigger as the years go by, as many devices, appliances, and even simple household items now have internet connectivity features. Because of this, some businesses would need to have IoT experts in their IT department that will be able to control, manage, and analyze information that is coming from IoT-focused devices connected to the internet.

In addition to analyzing data, IoT specialists would also be capable of creating IoT software for different kinds of hardware. An IoT specialist needs to have a broad knowledge of everything that is related to IT, software development, and the Internet of Things, so finding a person that has those capabilities can be difficult.

Finding the right people for these 9 IT-focused jobs can be challenging for many companies, but through patience and a reliable recruiting team  that will adequately post job listings and interview potential employees, you will eventually hire experts or specialists and even Lexington entry level jobs for your IT department.

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