The Addrisi Brothers


The Addrisi Brothers’ career summary

The Addrisi Brothers consisted of brothers Dick (Richard), and Don. As children Dick and Don played parts in the legendary Addrisi family acrobatic act. At the behest of comedian Lenny Bruce, they moved to California and auditioned for parts in the Mickey Mouse Club, but did not make the final cut. In 1959 they signed with Del-Fi records (Ritchie Valens label) and charted with “Cherrystone” (#62). They had their first top 40 hit in 1972, “We’ve Got To Get It On Again” (#25) on Columbia Records. 5 years later they had their second hit song “Slow Dancin’ Don’t Turn Me On” (#30). Their biggest success was a song they wrote “Never My Love” which was a megahit for The Association (#2), Blue Swede (#7) and The 5th Dimension (#12). It was named the second most performed song of the twentieth century behind “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.”

Don Addrisi died from cancer in 1984, thus ending the brothers’ musical partnership.

The Addrisi Brothers’ early years of struggle

The Addrisi Brothers were a American duo of singer-songwriters consisting of siblings Donald “Don” Addrisi (b. December 14, 1938 – d. November 13, 1984) and Richard “Dick” Addrisi (b. July 4, 1941).

The Addrisi brothers came from a family of acrobats called The Flying Addrisis; however, the brothers eventually chose music as their desired career path, so they began to write their own songs. They began their music career in the mid-1950s, and with the help of comedian Lenny Bruce (who admired them and their work), the Addrisi Brothers were able to to obtain an professional representation. They eventually moved to California. The brothers even attempted to join the Mickey Mouse Club, but they were rejected after their audition there.

However, they found another opportunity as the Addrisi Brotehers were signed to Del-Fi label. They recorded a variety of singles from rock-and-roll to cloying teen ballads. Right, you may have guessed it — they were also trying to imitate the Everly Brothers, who were really famous during that era. However, the Addrisi Brothers had yet to score a big hit of their own. They had their first hit, albeit a minor one, with “Cherrystone” in 1959.

The Addrisi Brothers finding success in songwriting

After recording for other labels like Imperial and Warner Brothers, which met with little success, the brothers decided to turn their focus more to songwriting. The group signed up as songwriters for the pop vocal group The Association. Don and Dick Addrisi achieved their biggest success in 1967 with their song “Never My Love,” which was recorded by The Association. The group’s version hit #2 on the Billboad Hot 100 in that very year, and their original version is still the most well-known. The brothers would record the song themselves several years later. “Never My Love” is now considered a pop standard which has been covered by many artists since, including hit versions by Blue Swede (#7) and The 5th Dimension (#12).

Later years and Don Addrisi’s death

The brothers were still working as singers aside from songwriters. Among their own biggest hits with “We’ve Got to Get It On Again” in 1972 (#25 pop, #10 adult contemporary), “Slow Dancin’ Don’t Turn Me On” in 1977 (#20 pop, #34 adult contemporary) and “Ghost Dancer” in 1979 (#45 pop, #41 adult contemporary, #57 UK).

The Addrisi Brothers were at their most visible when they composed the theme music for the TV series Nanny and the Professor. The brothers continued to work together until Don passed away in 1984 from pancreatic cancer. As for Dick, he currently lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Their other singles as The Addrisi Brothers include: “Back To the Old Salt Mine,” “Un Jarro,” “Saving My Kisses,” “I’ll Be True,” “It’s Love,” “Ghost Dancer,” “I Can Count On You,” “As Long As The Music Keeps Playing,” “I Can Feel You,” “Baby, Love Is A Two Way Street,” “Don’t Turn Me On,” “Sugar Baby,” and “You Make It All Worthwhile.”

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