The Advantage & Disadvantages of Security


There is nothing that gives peace of mind like having security. Whether it’s security for a home or somewhere bigger like the building of a business or property, it ensures the safety and overall reassurance to those who have it.

However, like any service provider, there are advantages and disadvantages to having security.

You might be asking yourself: How can there be any disadvantages to security? Isn’t having security inherently a good thing?

Many would be surprised that there are some pitfalls to having security. However, there are unexpected benefits to having security than what you typically assume. Whether you hire armed security or executive bodyguards, their role should be specific in providing the kind of security that you need, by understanding the threat perception.

In understanding what advantages and disadvantages security imposes, you can make a more informed decision about what kind of security you would like to employ.


There are a few hallmark reasons why employing security guards would be a good idea – in some ways that you wouldn’t have anticipated!

Here are some core advantages in having security:

Customer Service – Have you ever seen someone come up to a security guard and ask where a store was? The sight is not as uncommon as you might think, especially inside malls. Beyond keeping a level of protection, security can bring friendliness and professionalism to your business. Not only are you ensuring safety, but adding another layer of customer service towards potential customers.

Onsite Resolution – What’s great about having security guards is how the sight of them can deter potential issues from happening. Just having their presence can have trespassers or thieves second-guessing their actions. In addition, when something does happen, security guards take more preventive measures by de-escalating these situations with grace and ease. After all, they’re trained to handle whatever scenario is thrown at them in a composed and efficient manner.

Business Branding – Did you know that you can promote your business through security? Most people don’t know you can do so. Some companies have incorporated security guards into their branding campaigns. How do they do so? It’s as simple as having security guards wear your business uniform. In this way, you can help bring more brand awareness and garner a better reputation as a business.


Mother and daughter at a temperature checkpoint while shopping at the mall

With any service, there is no avoiding a few disadvantages that come along with it. It’s important to understand the drawbacks to see if investing in security guards is in your best interest.

Here are some potential disadvantages in having security:

Passive Monitoring – For a security guard on duty, every day won’t always bring action since there won’t always be incidents to deal with daily. As a result, some security guards can fall prey to boredom. In this scenario, idle hands are the devil’s playground as they might not be as efficient at fulfilling their job when an issue does arise out of the blue. Such issues as sleeping on the job are common in the security industry. It’s imperative to choose a security guard company that ensures the alertness and readiness of their employees by putting into place methods such as to deter exhaustion.

Risk Liability – The worst scenario for a security guard has to use force to apprehend someone. Security guards can use a reasonable amount of force, but depending on the situation’s circumstances, it can be up for debate. When this occurs, they can be liable for negligence or possibly assault. Additionally, if a security guard wrongfully detains someone or there is any property damage. These scenarios can create costly lawsuits, which would require a need for insurance to mitigate these issues if they should arise.

Limited Capacity – Security guards are human and can only do what they can. For instance, security can’t see an entire site at once, making it harder for them to deal with security issues when they occur in different areas simultaneously. Plus, a security guard can lack evidence of what happened during a particularly intense encounter after security breaches. Adrenaline in those moments can negatively affect a security guard’s memory retention, and their account of the situation might end up sounding muddy. In which case, including video surveillance alongside security guards would help in such scenarios.

There are so many factors to consider when deciding whether to employ security guards. You can find a security company that better highlights the advantages and ensures fewer disadvantages by keeping these in mind.

5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Security Guard

An Image of Security guard in a neon green vest

1. Type and Size of Your Business

You first need to think about what kind of business you have. This will determine the type of security guard services you need. For example, a retail store will need guards who can stop shoplifting and help with customer service, while a bank will need guards who have been trained to spot and stop crime. Once you know what kind of business you have, you can start narrowing down your options.

2. Reputable Industry Provider

You need to look for a security guard company with a good name. Check online reviews to see what other businesses are saying about the company. You should also see if the Better Business Bureau has approved the company. These are all signs that the company is reputable and will give good service.

3. Trained and Licensed Guards

Make certain that you only hire trained and licensed security guards. The company should have a process in place for screening applicants and determining their suitability for the position. Guards should be bonded and insured as well. This will shield you from any liability if something happens on your property while the guard is on duty.

Guards should be friendly and professional in addition to being trained and licensed. You want to make sure they have a positive attitude because they represent your company.

4. Defined Services and Management Plan

When researching security guard companies, make sure they have a defined set of services as well as a management plan. The company should be able to provide you with a list of the services they provide as well as information about how they will manage your account. This will assist you in understanding what you’re getting for your money and how the company intends to protect your property.

5. Innovative Technology

The company should have a mobile app that allows you to monitor the activities of the guards as well as access real-time data and reporting. This will keep you informed of what’s going on at your property and ensure that the guards are doing their job. The company should also use GPS tracking to monitor the guards’ movements and ensure they are in the correct location.

The decision to hire a security guard company is a significant one. However, if you take the time to consider all of the factors, you will be able to find a company that will provide you with the services you require to keep your company safe. Just remember to do your homework and obtain quotes from multiple companies before making a final decision.

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