The advantages of buying cannabis seeds from US seed banks

Ever since marijuana and Hemp products were legalized in many states for recreational use, sellers and buyers have looked for the best distribution channels for Hemp seeds. It’s much better to grow your own plants and have a constant supply of weed, rather than having to go out and purchase it directly every time. However, finding seeds is not as easy as it seems.

While cannabis has been legalized in many states for medical and recreational use there are still many restrictions when it comes to how much you can buy, store and sell. It becomes difficult to transport the product as well, mainly due to tough federal laws. This is why many people prefer to buy cannabis seeds and grow them personally. However, there are also restrictions on the number of plants that an individual can grow as well as how much they can sell, so you should check your state laws before planting.

Buy from US seed banks

One of the best ways to purchase cannabis seeds is through a reputable seed bank. They are companies that have permission to store a large inventory of hemp and marijuana seeds which they redistribute to buyer s and sellers. Initially, most of the better seed banks were located in Europe, but many local seed banks have begun operations in the US. There are several advantages of choosing US seed banks over imported seeds:

  • Better genetics: While you can find more variety when it comes to foreign seed banks, US seed banks usually stock only the best seeds. They are usually based on the varieties that are most popular in the US, so you won’t have trouble looking for the variety that you prefer.

  • Cheaper: While some people claim that buying from seed banks in Europe can be cheaper, this is not the whole picture. Some varieties are more popular in Europe and are considered exotic in the US. For these varieties, you may get a better deal. However, in the majority of cases, buying from local seed banks is cheaper as there are less transportation costs, import duties, etc.

  • More efficient: If you are a seller, then you may need a reliable seed bank that can deliver express orders in case you have to close a deal. Buying from foreign seed banks often takes time as you only get your product after a few days or weeks. However, US seed banks will deliver in a day or two depending on your location. It’s much more reliable and efficient.

  • Less restrictions: Buying from foreign seed banks is not illegal in many states, but it could lead to issues at customs due to federal laws. It’s much safer to buy from US seed banks so you can avoid legal issues.

Whether you are a consumer looking to grow weed plants in your backyard, or a seller, you can benefit from buying seeds from a local seed bank. Not only do they have greater variety, they are also cheaper and you won’t have to worry about tough legal restrictions.