The Advantages of Hair Removal Using Laser Technology


Many people want to remove facial or body hair in a more lasting way, versus the repeated time and cost of using razors that have to be constantly replaced and similar methods. Also, you can consider laser hair removal to remove your hair easily. At the same time, they want to make sure that the laser removal method is affordable, healthy, and meets all standards of wellness and health as recommended by dermatologists and other hair removal experts. Many years ago, that consumer interest and demand led to the invention of laser technologies to remove hair. The first kinds of laser hair removal approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States, for instance, came to market in the 1990s. Now the laser hair removal method is one of the most popular throughout the world and the laser hair removal industry is thriving.

Removing hair this way can keep it removed for a longer period of time, and oftentimes even permanently, depending on the individual and the laser treatment schedule and method. Naturally, there are many misconceptions and questions that consumers may have about laser hair removal, how it is done, who knows how to do, what is involved, and how soon the results can be seen. This article will help to answer many of the most frequently asked questions, while providing a basic overview of hair removal using lasers and the major benefits.

How Laser Hair Removal Works 

The way it works is that hair is zapped with the laser to stop its growth at the root of the hair, which is known as the hair follicle. The laser is really nothing more than a very concentrated beam of light. When the laser contacts the root of the hair, the concentrated intensity of that light converts into a pinpointed beam of heat, and that heat applied exactly in the right spot is what kills back the root. When removed by a laser, the hair has difficulty growing another follicle which prevents the hair grow from coming back. But because the human body is resilient, it may take several laser treatments to get complete results. The hair may also be easier to remove by laser and keep from returning based on which part of the body it happens to be growing. But laser treatment is used for legs, underarms, the face, and elsewhere. A laser hair removal specialist who has been trained in the science of hair removal can evaluate you and tell you what results you should expect, and over what period of time or number of laser hair removal treatments.

Laser Hair Removal and Skin Type

In the past, people who wanted to utilize the laser hair removal approach had to take into consideration their skin complexion. People with certain types of pigmentation may have not be able to use the method. But today modern advances in laser hair removal technology and science make it possible that it is appropriate for people with all skin types. There are now different specific types of lasers, too, and some are engineered specifically to overcome and solve challenges of the past. Just make sure to follow your expert’s advice and check the references, customer feedback, and testimonials of the person performing laser hair removal on you. They’ll know, for example, what length or intensity of the light wave generated by the laser needs to be for optimum results with most amount of comfort and sustained success. There is also a general misunderstanding that laser hair removal is only for women, but actually many men also have the procedure done. It’s an effective way to control or eliminate unwanted hair growth on most parts of the body, regardless of whether you are a male or female.

Where to Get Hair Removed by Laser Methods

While many people get a referral from their own doctor, or they go to a board certified dermatologist for laser hair removal procedures, you may also find trained, certified, and qualified laser hair removal pros elsewhere. Many health and beauty service businesses and wellness spas have someone on staff who is licensed in this kind of hair removal, and if they don’t have someone on staff they may be able to recommend someone to you. There are also many laser hair removal gadgets on the market that people may be inclined to purchase and use on themselves. But before taking the do-it-yourself approach, it’s recommended and wise to check in with a doctor or dermatologist to ensure that what you do and the product or products you use are both perfectly safe and will produce the hair removal results that you are looking for and want.

Other Helpful Insights and Info

Hair has its own schedule of growth, and the optimum time to have a laser hair removal treatment or procedure done is when that hair follicle in actively growing. Nipping it in the bud, so to speak, at that stage ensures that you get the most effect from the hair removal session. You and the qualified laser hair removal pro will schedule multiple treatments, as may be needed or not, to coincide with those active hair growth stages or cycles of growth. For the best outcomes, it is recommended that you shave the place where the hair will be removed, within in a day before the laser treatment. That way the hair is very short, making it easier to get to the follicle. But it’s not a good idea to wax that area or pull the hair out with tweezers or by plucking, just by shaving with a non-electric razor. Otherwise, just make sure the area is clean and free from makeup, lotions, or other products, and has been exfoliated. When laser hair removal is done by an experienced professional there should be little or no pain or discomfort, just a mild tingling effect. But if those having the procedure done are especially sensitive then a topical anaesthetic can be applied to the skin beforehand, to provide an extra level of relief.

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