The Advantages of Using Snap Lock Poster Frames


Snap Lock Poster Frames are poster frames that use a locking system to secure the artwork in place. They’re built with multiple sizes to accommodate artwork that varies in size, such as brochures, posters, etc. The Snap Frames Store sells high-quality Snap Lock Poster Frames at very competitive prices so that you can get the right fit for any poster. In fact, snap lock, poster frames help businesses create an aesthetically pleasing display for clients to view daily.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using these poster frames.

Use of Multiple Sizes

Marketers can use Snap Lock Poster Frames to display a variety of artwork sizes without compromising image quality. Different size poster frames are available. The large frame (size A) is used for artwork that’s about 1/2 the length of the frame. The medium frame (size B) is good for larger pieces that are about 1/4 length of the frame and so on until you get to the small poster frames that are no more than 1/8th the length of the frame.

These poster frames are made with exceptional quality in mind. They have adequate space to fit different-sized artwork without regularly replacing it, which would be a waste if you used traditional chromed-steel poster stands.

Fantastic Variety of Colors

These poster frames come in a variety of colours. You can choose one that compliments your existing décor or goes with something bold and daring to put the ‘wow factor into your displays. Snap Lock Poster Frames are available in black, white, silver, and gold, to name a few colours. Your choice will depend on what blends in the best and how you intend to use it.

No Assembly Required

Unlike traditional poster frames, this product requires no assembly and is ready to be used upon purchase (if not assembled at the factory already). This makes them very easy to use for both professionals and amateurs alike since there’s no risk of them being damaged during transportation or storage due to improper handling.

Heavy Duty

Some traditional poster frames are sturdy enough to hold the poster in place for weeks; however, there’s always an element of the possibility that they’ll break down and fall off after some time. Snap Lock Poster Frames are made from very strong materials that will stay put for at least a month even if exposed to extreme weather and other external factors.

No Damage to Artwork

Because Snap Lock Poster Frames use a locking system, they’re less likely to be harmed or damaged by heavy items such as posters placed on top of them or outdoor elements like rain, snow, etc., unlike static poster frames that can be easily damaged due to lack of stability.

Easily Removable

To remove a poster from a Snap Lock Poster Frame, it’s as simple as releasing the L-shaped metal bar that locks the artwork in place and sliding it out. Once you do this, there’s no need to remove any part of the frame itself. This feature is handy for businesses with limited space and staff because they can quickly and easily switch out their posters without removing anything from the frame itself. And if you decide to reuse them later, you simply have to lock them again, which is just as easy as unlocking them in the first place.


Snap Lock Poster Frames are very versatile. You can use them to replace traditional poster stands, retail poster racks, and displays with a maximum height of 5 feet. They’re also a great alternative to a wall-mounted system because the artwork is less likely to get damaged, and they’re more secure than traditional wall displays with no locking system.


Snap Lock Poster Frames are child-friendly, and there’s no risk of them being damaged because they’re not just secured in place but also locked. So if you have small children that love to play with poster displays, then this product is perfect for you because your investment will be protected against accidental damage by children who like to pull things down. Additionally, they do not have sharp edges and are not heavy, so there’s no risk of children getting injured by using or touching them.

People that are in the market for new poster frames should consider using Snap Lock Poster Frames. They’re an excellent choice of poster frames because they provide excellent quality, affordable prices, amazing colour options, multiple sizes, and no assembly is required at any point, so you can quickly and easily start using them. So pick up yours today to improve your display!

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