The Basic Principles of Korean Skincare

Gone are the days of the three-step beauty routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Today, caring for the skin requires eight to ten steps using various skincare products from the country that is dominating the global skincare industry – Korea.

The K-beauty regimen may seem excessive and time-consuming, but many women all over the world are patiently following them with the hope of excellent results. After all, it is almost impossible to find a Korean woman who does not have a fair, radiant, and stunning complexion.

What makes Korean skincare a cut above the rest? Mostly, the principles they follow in taking care of the skin are incomparable to what women commonly do. Here are the basic ones:

Prevention is Key

While many non-Korean women try to find quick-fixes and tips to address skin concerns, Korean women are raised to care for their skin from a young age. From the onset, skincare is a priority and not an afterthought when skin problems arise.

Since caring for their complexion comes first, their beauty regimen is methodical, requiring several steps to complete. A Korean skincare box is never dull. It is usually composed of numerous skin products for cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, nourishing, and for other purposes. Ultimately, Koreans spend money, time, and energy investing in their skin health to avoid skin issues later.

Know and Respect Your Skin

Koreans hardly use the one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to skincare. They take the time to know their skin type and to listen to its needs. K-beauty products come in various forms to fit the unique needs of individual skin type.

Following this principle means paying attention to what your skin is telling you. For instance, if your skin is reacting negatively to a particular product, you should stop using it right away. It does not matter if celebrities are endorsing and raving about it; what matters is what your skin is saying.

Cleansing is so Important that Once is Not Enough 

For Koreans, skin cleansing is an integral part of keeping it healthy, which is why they do double-cleansing. Since the skin is exposed to dirt, dust, make-up, and other pollutants during the day, washing the face once with water and soap is not appropriate.

To ensure that the facial skin is thoroughly free from dirt and impurities, Koreans wash using a deep cleanser followed by cleansing foam. This process ensures that the face is clean down to the pores. The Korean skincare box created by the cosmetic shop JOAHYE includes several cleansing products fit for this purpose.

Proper Layering of Products is Necessary

Koreans use several products in their skincare routine because they believe that layering produces the best results. Note, however, that proper order should be observed during layering. The desired effects may not be achieved if you apply various skin products at random. Remember that there is a reason behind the sequence of steps in the K-beauty regimen.

If you keep in mind and apply the basic principles in Korean skincare mentioned above, you will be closer to achieving the beautiful complexion you always wanted. Get in touch with JOAHYE to order a K-beauty box that contains everything you need to start a Korean beauty regimen today.