The Benefits of Addiction Intervention

When your loved one spirals out of control, it pains the heart to watch them like this, isn’t it right? While there may be plenty of reasons which define the strange behaviour of your loved one, one of the prominent ones is substance abuse or addiction. Substance abuse is a disorder where a person starts consuming drugs or alcohol and soon reaches a condition when the use of substances is beyond their control. And no matter how hard you try to convince them to stop, your words fall on deaf ears, which is a clear-cut sign that they are wasting their lives away.

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In such a situation, addiction intervention is the best choice you have.

Substance Abuse or Addiction Intervention

Addiction intervention is a way of helping your loved ones overcome the addiction. Addiction intervention proposes a planned and structured conversation between you and your loved one. The purpose of this conversation is to help the addicted person realize their problems and take appropriate actions to deal with them. This approach also allows you to show love and concern towards your loved ones. Nonetheless, there must be an intervention specialist present to take things forward.

How Interventions Work?

Intervention is a simple process where you have to talk to the addicted person and tell them about their addiction problem. While, in most cases, an intervention specialist or counsellor takes the initiative to make a conversation, a family member can also do that, depending on how the intervention is organised.

Also, informing an addicted person that you are contacting or arranging a meeting with a counsellor not only keeps them prepared but also convinces them to participate willingly.

The Benefits of Addiction Intervention

An addicted person is more likely to stay in denial. Meaning, a person suffering from a substance use disorder usually doesn’t see it as a problem and makes excuses to repeat the drug use. Addiction intervention helps them accept that there is a problem and that it is affecting them as well as their friends and family members.

Another benefit of addiction intervention is that it encourages an addicted person to join the treatment centre. For example, people with substance use disorder usually isolate themselves and develop mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, etc.

Staging an intervention pulls them out of their isolation and makes them understand the new opportunities in life and that they are surrounded by people who love them. It helps gain their trust and convince them to get addiction recovery treatment.

When It’s Time for Intervention

Knowing when to stage an intervention might be tricky. However, a little bit of diligence and observation can help you determine when your loved one needs an intervention.

The first step to determining whether it is time for intervention is to know whether it is actually necessary. In other words, find out if addiction is the only problem and how severe it is. Once you consider all these factors, you can look for the signs that may help you decide the time for an intervention. These symptoms include:

  • Secretive behaviour
  • Mood changes
  • Isolation
  • Behavioural changes
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Poor performance at school or work

Also, the most obvious sign that confirms the necessity of the intervention is when a person is in denial or constantly refuses to get treatment.

Bottom Line

Regardless of how the intervention goes, it is crucial that you stay determined. Addiction is a debilitating condition and requires different treatment techniques, such as addiction counselling for successful addiction recovery. While intervention is a great step to help your loved ones, not all of them succeed. Let the person know that they are suffering from addiction and need to take treatment might take multiple attempts, treatment works, and extra encouragement to start down on the path of recovery.

Staging an intervention as a support group is a great idea, but calling a professional makes it more effective. An intervention specialist has more experience in dealing with patients and handling situations. To find the one for you, you can contact the rehabilitation clinics in the UK that can help you with addiction intervention. You just have to find the right one and call! Go Ahead!!!!