The benefits of electric driving

We live in a time where care for the environment is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, we are taking all kinds of measures that are much kinder to planet earth. One of these measures is to reduce the use of fossil fuels. A sure way to do that is driving electric. But does driving electric have other benefits besides environmental ones? We will explain it in this article.

Cheaper fuel

With the current prices for petrol, diesel and LPG, it will come as no surprise that driving electrically is much cheaper. Especially if you frequently charge at home. At public charging stations it is already a lot more expensive, but still cheaper than fossil fuels. If you make use of smart charging, it will be even cheaper. On top of that, when you use solar panels, you can also use this energy to ‘fuel’ your car, i.e. recharge it.

Less costs for maintenance

Of course, it can differ per car. But, in general, an electric vehicle requires less maintenance. This has to do with the difference between an electric motor and a ‘normal’ engine. An ordinary engine has a lot more moving parts and is therefore more sensitive to wear and tear. However, a problem with an electric motor can be more drastic, so this advantage does not always apply.

Charging everywhere

Nowadays, charging points can be found all over Europe. More and more companies are making use of extensive an EV Charging Station Dataset in order to improve their EV charging infrastructure. Over the years, this has certainly happened and you can therefore travel with an electric car throughout almost all of Europe. Charging does take a little longer than a regular tanker, so a little patience is required.


Cars are generally noisy. Roaring engines and loud exhaust pipes are no longer needed with electric cars. This is a great benefit for the environment and nature, but can of course be dangerous for inattentive cyclists and pedestrians. Some manufacturers have taken this into account by making their cars noisy at low speeds.



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