The benefits that businesses can reap by investing in barcodes


Barcodes, Why bother

For many first time business owners, the process of initiating a barcoding system seems like a daunting prospect. We aim to make the whole process of acquiring registered barcodes quick, easy, and cost effective. However, the big question to ask ourselves is why bother?  Why bother investing in barcodes for our small business?  What are the benefits of initiating a barcoding system?  What are the benefits of placing them on our products? Is it worth the investment?

At Buy Barcodes we believe that investing in registered barcodes is most definitely worth your while. It brings professionalism to your business and encourages retailers to take you seriously. Many retailers in South Africa will only accept products that are barcoded. In this way, barcoding your products will open up new business frontiers for you. 

More retailers will be happy to stock your products and this will boost your sales and ensure that your business is a roaring success. Retailers use three different types. These include the two American formats called the EAN and UPC barcodes and the South African formats that begin with 600.  We supply both the EAN and UPC formats at amazingly low prices. The EAN format is thirteen digits long whereas the UPC is only twelve digits long.  Both of these formats are used in America as well as throughout the world. If you require the South African format, you will need to apply for this at the GS1 SA. 

On top of this, barcodes make everyday functioning of businesses easier and more efficient. Without them, retail assistants would have to manually ring up each item of a sale. This takes a lot of time and energy and it is very easy to make a mistake at this stage of the process. These mistakes eat into a business’s profit. Using registered barcodes eliminates human error and boosts the profit margin.

This being one of the main reasons that linear codes were invented originally, due to retail store owners losing out on profits due to the amount of time the staff would have to spend with one customer at the point of sale. They were created over many years until the perfect format could be made that would be small enough to be able to be placed on retail products and be scanned by the cashiers, moving the customers through the store at a faster pace. That is when the original UPC was invented and slowly introduced into stores in America. 

Inventory control is vital in controlling the profits of any business. Registered barcodes give business owners complete control over how much stock they have and when they need to reorder. This will ensure that they have enough stock to keep clients happy and returning. It also means that businesses do not have to shut their doors completely for days in order to do stock counts. This saves time and money that the owner can re-invest into the daily running costs.  

The benefits that businesses can reap by investing in barcode

They also provide us as business owners with a unique way to promote ourselves in the very competitive business world.  Many companies are marketing themselves using QR codes.  Quick Response codes are two dimensional, square barcodes that have a number of black shapes on a white background.  These are very useful as they are able to store more information than the normal one dimensional retail barcodes.  They normally store a URL.  A client needs to scan this particular code with an app that is loaded onto their smartphone.  By scanning this code, they are linked with your company’s website.  It is on this platform that you can promote your business.

This will increase awareness of your business and what it can offer to the wider community.  In this way, it will bring foot traffic to your store and boost your profit margin. We are also able to provide top quality QR codes at very reasonable prices. Your business website will be linked to it, thereby linking your clients to all the information they need to make the right decision to become loyal returning customers.

There are also exciting and creative uses for QR barcodes.  You can use them in creating treasure hunts in order to promote your business. Clients can scan each code in order to access the clue hidden within it.  By following each clue, they will be able to find the treasure.  This treasure could be a voucher to use within your store, or any other prize that you choose. This is a way to help clients to remember your store and increase their likelihood to return.

Another use for them in the modern world of today is in payment applications such as SnapScan. These days, clients are becoming less happy to carry valuable cash or even credit cards around with them. They prefer to be able to pay for their purchases simply by scanning using their smartphone.  This has revolutionized the retail world.  A lot of businesses have their own barcodes for SnapScan. A client’s credit card details are loaded onto the application. This requires a pin number to access, making it safe and secure.  This makes the whole checkout process a lot more convenient for clients.  The more convenient this process is, the more likely it is that clients will become loyal returning clients.

In conclusion, these are all the ways that barcodes are a must have for businesses in this modern world.  They help your business to stand out from the crowd.   They increase your efficiency and save time and money.  We are able to provide you with all your barcode needs at very competitive rates.  We provide fully registered barcodes that come with a certificate of authentication.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about all the ways barcodes can help your business to thrive.  In these tough times, we need all the help we can get to make a success of any new business venture.

Information Source: Startup Businesses and Trends

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