The best areas to buy Palm Springs real estate


If you’re looking to purchase a house, condo, or apartment in California, knowing the best areas and neighborhoods is crucial to getting a good deal on the property and living in a  safe area. By doing some research beforehand, you can get a good idea of the local prices, the school system, cultural attractions, and crime rates in the area.

California is a huge vacation spot for millions of Americans each year. Traveling here for spring break and to escape from the cold, winter months, California is the ideal holiday destination for a wedding, weekend getaway, or music festival.

If you want to invest in a property in California, you may need to do some research about the housing market before biting the bullet and see more here. Let’s see the best areas to buy land or property in one of the best cities in California.

The best Palm Springs real estate areas

The rental market is huge – and growing – in Palm Springs, California. The peak seasons for vacation rentals are during the summer, like thousands of other vacation spots in the world, but for those looking for a more permanent home in California, you can avoid the peak months and crowds.

Location is key

There are a bunch of neighborhoods and different sections within the Greater Palm Springs area that all have different personalities and characteristics. When searching for Palm Springs real estate, check out the areas of Hot Springs, Indio, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and even more.

Although these areas are less expensive and less in demand than the center of Palm Springs, there are less cultural attractions and pull to living in the suburbs. For those who have a little more money to spend, searching for Palm Springs real estate could be better than choosing a house in the suburban areas of Greater Palm Springs.

Architectural styles

Palm springs boomed as the housing market expanded in the 1960s, seeing an influx of vacation goers and new California residents move into the area. Because of this, much of the architectural styles in the area match those specific decades. When searching for Palm Springs real estate, if you love the styles of the 1950s and 1960s, you will love the aesthetic of the houses in California.

New vs. resale homes

New home construction has wide price fluctuations based on the land, the architectural style, and the material used. Price differences can occur if you use resale homes when searching for Palm Springs real estate, as these options will be cheaper, but less customized to your personalized needs. If you want unique architecture, specific design elements, or luxurious products, building a home on land in Palm Springs could be the better option when compared to resale or pre-built houses.


When browsing Palm Springs real estate, you need to keep in mind the various architectural styles, neighborhoods, and differences between the prices of new and resale homes. Although finding the perfect home can be time-consuming, it will pay off in the long run when you turn your California vacation rental into your permanent home.

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