The Best Beginner Tricks For Relaxation

Like everything else that is new in life, it does require constant practice to get used to vaping. You will not have any exceptions about this, even if you just do it for recreation. The truth is, you would be wrong to think that vapers need a lot of time to learn tricks. Granted, the trick’s complexity determines how long it can be mastered, but discipline is also important here.

Whether you are trying out wax vapes, dry herb vapes, or just the typical vapes, you can use the tips written here now to learn tricks as a newbie.

Ghost Hit

This trick means exhaling vapor cloud and then sucking it back in rapidly. You can do this by taking a long pull of vapor but keep them inside your mouth and avoid inhaling.

You can let vapor sit inside your mouth for a couple of seconds, and then push it out slowly. When the vapor starts leaving your mouth, suck it back in rapidly or use best glass bongs.

You can use the ghost hit in more difficult tricks, so it is a nice skill to learn at the start of your practice.


Cheerios, as what most people call them, is another trick that is exciting to a lot of people. The ripple effect aesthetics or the O-shaped smoke can make most beginners stand out. If you want to pull this off, all you have to do is:

  • Inhale a long vape smoke
  • Exhale it lightly while you keep your mouth in a circular shape in order to produce even smoke
  • In a metronome beat, tap both of your cheeks
  • Exhale as you tap your cheeks to produce an O-shaped smoke


The waterfall trick is simple and there are several ways that you can do that, and it is so simple that everyone can just do it.

The trick works when it slowly lets out vapor onto a flat surface in order to create a thick mist which stays in place. You can do this by inhaling the vapor using your mouth and allowing it to sit there for a couple of seconds before letting it out slowly a few centimeters away from that surface.

It is a lot easier to do this if you have a high VG liquid or if you have a more powerful device, and make sure to always have your 510 threaded batteries before doing any tricks, even just as easy as this one.


You do not have to go tornado hunting when you can already create a similar and safer experience by vaping. This is among the easiest vape tricks to pull off, and you have to use your hands. You can manipulate a big vapor cloud with just one hand and then swirl it to form a tornado.

Stand by the table, exhale the vapor close to the table’s surface, and hen extend your hand, and put it in the cloud’s center.

You can try these tricks and do not forget to load your favorite e-juice in the oil cartridge battery.